BOOGABOOBABOO: Gendanken's Free Thoughting Vagina in Free Thoughts

Forget the Queen. This is now a democracy where Big Brother makes sure the little twerps get fed and tucked-in at night.

Welcome to the microcosm of the macrocosm, where fagots think they rule and retarded wannabes attain position of power - like moderator, for instance.
So is this where we're supposed to beg you not to leave?

I've always thought goodbye posts on the internet were about as gay as Clay Aiken, and about as original.
He'll get over it, but he's got a compulsive hair trigger with certain posters who've been around here for a while, so it's not a stretch to think a self-hating narcissist with a bad habit of foot-in-mouth disease would presume every post is directed at him.

So, when are you going to post your latest missive on how everybody (except you, of course) is a fucking idiot?
That's because you are mindless yourself and you came over to defend that which you most associate yourself with.

It's only normal.

What did I defend ? You have some serious problem dude. I just informed you that you interpreted 15ofthe19's post wrong.
Then you called me 'it'.
So what did I defend ?