Body Signals Redux: Proving Mormonism

Nope, Joseph Smith was a true prophet. TOBS I'm not sure of, but him I am.

Frankly I think it would be best to drop the body messages idea.
Its good to know when to abandon a belief.
I dont believe in prophsey but you are certainly entitled to do so.
I believe you have backed a phoney however.
then prove it
can you provide empirical evidence that meets or exceeds the mandate for unbiased evidence per the scientific method?
this would also require evidence from a secondary non-related source for validation

With all due respect, Billy don't play "empirical evidence". He has promised, elsewhere, to refer all requests for empirical, objective, non-anecdotal evidence to the Book of Mormon, because that's all the evidence he needs...
It means "You're welcome."
I don't think a good man like you is on the highway to hell. "All men sin and all men fall short of the glory of God," so we must all repent of our sins and keep God's commandments in order to escape the effects of our sins.



What to you purport to be quoting, in the quotation above? You may be subbing in your own words...