Bleach in blood stream

If I accidently injected myself with a little bit of bleach like 5or 10 cc would that hurt me??

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It sure will.

In fact, I suspect that, if true, you are not reading this.

You missed an option in your poll.

() Even small doses will kill you.
Per an old post from Hercules Rockefeller

But presumably that’s due only to residual bleach left over from the disinfection (?). What we’re talking about here is injecting bleach (ie. ~5% sodium hypochlorite) directly into the blood stream.

I couldn’t find any LD[sub]50[/sub] data for humans (which isn’t surprising). One source of info I found (here) stated that the IV TDLO (intravenous lowest published toxic dose) for hypochlorite in human males is 45 mg/kg.

My quick calculations (based on bleach with 5-6% hypochlorite) are that 45 mg of hypochlorite equates to 0.70 – 0.80 mL of bleach (depending on the concentration of hypochlorite in the particular brand of bleach).

So, for an 80 kg man, that would mean that the minimum IV dose required for toxicity is 56 – 64 mL of bleach. This volume is a lot larger than I expected! :eek: I don’t know what “toxicity” means in this instance. This volume would be lower than the LD[sub]50[/sub] value, but could still be potentially lethal.

As for the toxic effects of bleach, I imagine the toxic effects and death by IV bleach would be horrendous. It’s a chlorine compound so its toxicity lies with its ability to add chloro adducts to organic molecules (by nucleophilic addition). In other words, it disrupts the function of organic molecules (eg. nucleic acid, proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids) by adding swapping their various side chains for chlorine atoms. If enough damage to enough organic molecules occurs, the cell dies. In sufficient quantity I guess that the bleach would degrade blood vessels and cause internal bleeding. If it’s able to cross the blood brain barrier it might cause seizures as it kills neurons. It might damage the liver which, after a certain point, is lethal.

In any event... I would highly recommend seeking prompt medical attention.
I'd say they're mutually exclusive.
Either he's not trolling and is dead, or he is trolling and is not dead.

My vote is on troll. Someone in fear of their life does not
- post a question of a science forum
- take the time to make a poll out of it.

Could be

When I put sick I had more sick in mind sickness not sick from injected mixture

Poll - could be weighing up the odds (but that would seem rational) but weighing up the odds of going for help and / with the possibility of being reported

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