Black holes


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Black holes are portals to hell and by accepting Jesus Christ as your savior you will be shown the secret(s) to defying the physical laws of this universe so that you may rise as Jesus did and ascend out of this universe before it collapses on itself and goes to hell.

Just a random thought.
Event Horizon v heaven & hell

Can't remember it too well. Some nutty professor steals a spaceship equiped with his invention the "Event Horizon". It can bend time and space for faster travel using the forces present from black holes.
The inventor is sent mad and he enters the world of hell... something like that anyway, but it does draw comparisons with your theory.. if you believe everything that Hollywood throws out.
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Thanks Lexx,

I did a search and found information on the web and yes, the corrolation to hell is there. It left out the Jesus part though. The one review that I read about the movie was negative. Must have been the presentation of the idea. ;)

Interesting: It is believed that anything which enters a black hole eventually joins in a state of singularity and is 'doomed' forever in that state. Yet, the big bang theory takes a position that a singularity exploded, creating "our" universe. Hmm. Could it be that we are actually byproducts of "hell"?

Think on.
No Jesus No Heven nor Hel no black hole connection to the tooth fairy

How anyone can believe in a magical being "Jesus" and even the possibility of black holes is beyond me. The same collection of tales that promotes the need for a savior also claims the universe was made in six days. Most that believe in Jesus also believe the universe is only six thousand years old. Black Holes depend on much older universe.
Black Holes have a basis in science and reality.
Jesus on the other hand may not even existed. We have no evidence that we have anything to be SAVED from let alone evidence that black holes have a connection to the place we needed to be SAVED from.
Personally I don't necessarily believe black holes focus on a single point of singularity. Black holes are just that, black. Meaning photons can't escape there event horizon. All this means is that black holes are just mondo sized neutron stars and not necessarily anything mystical. Is my theory flawed?

Most christians do not believe that the universe is 6000 years old. Some fundamentalists do, but the majority do not subscribe to that theory.

I am no expert in the matter of black holes and so I have no idea if your theory is flawed or not.

During my limited research, with the exception of those discussions that also theorize white holes (the eventual exit point for matter which has entered a black hole), the concept of singularity is usually included in discussions of black holes. It is my understanding that it is currently believed that any matter which is caught in the event horizon is eventually whisked to a point of singularity - joining everything else which has previously entered the hole.

That is just my limited understanding so I could be wrong.
Science and religion are often at odds with each other. One based on proof the other on faith. Rarely do they go hand on hand.
I am not here to argue for or against religion. Rarely do the two camps reach consensus.
Black holes are something that until recently were only speculated to exist. After all if you can’t see it, it’s hard to prove it exists (in science) much like scientists view religion. However as postulated by Stephen Hawking, black holes do radiate energy. They can evaporate, if his theory is correct. Usually for one to radiate requires that it be part of a binary pair. Usually the black hole will draw off its partner. As the material goes towards the hole it will develop a flat disk of matter called an accretion disk. As this material is drawn into the hole the material will increase in temperature. The material will alter its physical state and then some material will radiate by the tremendous magnetic force around a hole, which will draw some of the x-rays towards the poles and allow them to escape, if they have not crossed the event horizon. This is one way black holes have been believed to have been detected. In addition, because they have so much mass. Any celestial body in orbit around one will reflect the mass of the object it orbits. Some will have an increasingly shorter orbit as it draws near the hole. A new black hole has been spotted in the galactic halo with a binary partner with an orbit of just 4.1 hours. Because of the short orbit it is believed that this binary star is nearing its end.
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Good reading, Thanx.

Try reading a book called the elegant universe by Brian Green,(I think Green could be spelled differently.) it sums up a few new theory's discovered from evidence of particle accelerators and other unruly scientific gizmos, to give an altogether new perspective on the current scientific status quo and how everything relates to each other. solves black holes too.