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Have any of you had biopsy before? Is it painful?

I have a small tumor on my neck and liver problem. Both needs to be biopsied to determine if it is cancer. I heard they stick a big ass needle inside the liver and extract the flesh. It sounds horrifying. I think I will faint before they start the procedure. :(
I had a biopsy - and it hurt like hell. Plus the stress of waiting for the results damn near gave me a hearattack. They clip the skin to something and then twist and twist until the skin comes off. YOWZERZZ!!

Anyhoo, it aint no thang but a chick wang. You'll be fine.

Good luck:)
no, no...i mean, the specific site are they going to enter at.. like which grid of the neck and liver. oh, nevermind's called "lack of sleep" i have had about zilch hours of sleep in the last 2 days. :D
Ooooh you’re so tough! :p I once need 26 stitches in my leg when I was a kid and it still hurt even with morphine!
never had a biopsy, but i wouldnt mind seeing somone get a brain transplant.

brain transplants r cool.
jus as long as u dont do it 2 me.
if mine were 2 b transplanted, it would hav 2 go into som hot babe.
when i wake up, id never leave my living room mirror.
id sit in front of it all day, and admire my new found glory!
then i would hit the lesbian club 4 som ice cream and cake.
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joeman, are you going to want to share your experience and the outcome? i would like to hear how things are going and if you are ok. ok? ok. :)

I won't know the outcome for a week. I just know parts of my liver is dead and replaced with scar tissues (which doesn't perform normal liver functions). It is common amoung people who bing drink, use drugs, or have chronic hepatitus. I don't do or have any of it. Doctors have absolutely no clue what I have.

Also for some strange reason I have a small tumor on my neck. The good thing is that it is caught early by a friend of mine who gives me message. :D She noticed I have a small lump on my neck....

As far as how the biopsy went, I just got put to sleep and woke up painless. :D
well, joeman, that is unfortunate, but, i do believe that the outcome will be positive. did you know the liver is the only organ in the human body that actually has the ability to regenerate itself.(of course you probably do). i wish the best for you.:)