Bill Cooper predicted 911 myth


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Cooper's followers claim that he predicted the 911 attacks on his June 28, 2001 radio show. Transcripts of the show indicate that Cooper made reference to a CNN news item widely released a few days earlier on June 24th reporting that Osama Bin Laden had vowed to attack U.S. and Israeli interests in the next two weeks. Cooper added his own spin to this report, saying that an attack would come (no date specified), it would be orchestrated by (you guessed it) the New World Order, and "Bin Laden would be blamed for it."

So in other words, he didn't actually predict anything and he's a conspiracy theory nutter? Ok, not sure why that is important...
Bill Cooper's prediction of 9/11 is well regarded as truth on youtube and in the truther community. It's a very popular video where the truthers use it as good evidence for a conspiracy.

Bill Cooper fits in the same mold as Alex Jones who he used to call a bald faced liar.