best web browser?

IE is the only one I use on Windows. On Android, unfortunately I'm stuck with Chrome.
I use Avant, which serves as a front end for IE, Firefox, and Chrome with its own display, which you can customize. Also you can readily switch between search engines.
I use chrome browser an love it.!!!

In complete transparency:::

I use a Chromebook an dont have a choice in browser.!!!
I've been using the Brave browser these past months. It blocks ads, cookies and other nasties. The difference is very noticeable when I switch to other browsers. Though I feel it's a little buggy, I still prefer it over any other browser.
IE is my preferred browser for downloading Chrome.
I download the installation files onto a thumb drive and sneakernet them to my new machine so I never have to invoke Idiot Experience deliberately. Windows will keep trying to get me to use it, but this mostly results in me copying the URL they want to link and going back to ANYTHING BUT IE.