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My printer died. I've been looking at purchasing another. What I've found is that printers are relatively cheap, it's the cost of ink cartridges that are outrageous. My last printer was a Cannon, which had the advantage of aftermarket ink, but I'm having trouble finding a comparable deal. Does anyone have a suggestion?
I bout a Brother HL-L2395DW for $10 at a garauge sale ($130 new)... it prints fast an saves a ton on ink... always ready to go wit no need to print often to keep ink from cloggin up... an now my ink-drankin Epson color printer is unpluged forever.!!!
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I found that some cheaper brand name cartridges are identical to their cheaper brand cousins - all you have to do is snap a peg off.

I can't provide more specific information because that was a few years ago, so companies have changed their cartridge designs. But if you're willing to do a little checking into the cartridges, and seeing if there's a cheaper version out there, it might be worth your while.

This is just an example; mine had a different peg arrangement. The only difference between the expensive cartridge and the cheaper one was that the expensive one had an extra peg - which could be cut off with a knife.

O... an my HL-L2395DW doesnt need to be conected to my chromebook (just conected to my router)... an i can scan to my chromebook an print from my chromebook.!!!
It holds 500 sheets of paper an i thank its rated at 36 copies per minute.!!!
I am also looking for best but cheap printer. Anyone can suggest?
Whats the most you'r willin to pay.???
You want ink jet or laser.???
Have you had a printer befor.???
How often will you need to print.???
Are you concerned about ink costs.???
How many pages do you expect to print per mounth.???
Do you want a cloud ready printer.???
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I am also looking for best but cheap printer. Anyone can suggest?
Do not do this.

Cheap printers are the standard. They will sell you a printer for a song nowadays.
They'll nail you on the cartridges.
When you go looking for a printer, so must look at the cost of the cartridges and how long they'll last. That's the big cost.