Berenstein bears and parallel universes


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I remember Berenstein bears spelled as 'stein' too though it's spelled 'stain'. The theory is it's a parallel universe shift or we just can at times adjust our brains to see, hear or 'fill' in what seems more 'logical' to fit the narrative. Really drives the point of 'gut feelings' and 'intuition' being sometimes more real indicators of actual real knowledge rather than our conscious minds that become programmed after awhile to see what we expect or think should or ought to be. We do this quite often in many areas with our assumptions as anything that veers from our idea of 'logic' gets dismissed/ignored or even written over.

But is this really that much different than what our eyes do anyways to decode info to our brains? It does falsify information or pick/choose what to accentuate or reveal versus not.

This issue with the berenstain bears is quite fascinating because i recall seeing this book at times and i thought it was spelled berenstein, almost can bring the image up in my mind as if it's a photographic memory. Interesting.

Is a large portion of society plugged into a simulation where we are seeing berenstein transposed onto berenstain or shifted to another dimension?

Berenstein does seem like a better name than berenSTAIN. The 'stain' may be vulgar or repulsive connotation to us so we re-adjusted what we wanted to see or maybe similar to how we can still make out misspellings and understand written communication and do not recall that as important but the message etc.
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