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Hey H-Kon,

One generally hears about BeOS being used for desktop systems, but how useful is it for something like a web server?? It seems to be a fairly efficient OS, and so should translate well into server operations (especially since it's SMP-capable).

Does it support Apache?

(I might have to purchase a new webserver for exoScience sometime soon)

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Both yes and no :eek:

Here's the deal: ( for all that's interested)

When they first started to build the OS on the hobbit-box( Be originally was a company just like Apple. Software and Hardware), and then the MAC. They coded in all the good stuff into BeOS, but they didn't have enough time, or people to make everything perfect.

Right now the Networking capabillities aren't the greatest around, but they haven't really focused on it either since they didn't have time to do so.

Be Inc. has about 90 employees. Everything from the actual coding, to marketing and the janitor if I understand it right. They are now hiring people like crazy after going public this summer and there will be lot's more changes to the OS than we can see right now.
The Intel x86 version of BeOS has been out for about 18 months now and their next major release ( R5.0) will bee a huge difference ( a 4.8 is rumoured this fall for free, just like 4.5 if you had 4.0)

What they are doing now is making the networking on BeOS a dream. They are going to make it at least as fast as NT, or maybe much faster. Apache is on it's way, and i think people are allready using it.
BeOS allready comes with a webserver called "PoorMan" A pretty efficient and simple server that right now is only geared towards small websites and such. I'll dig up the link to the place where they are testing the webservers for BeOS again.
This new networking will be buildt into the kernel, instead of being outside as it is now. But you will have the same capabillity to change the settings without rebooting just as we have right now. Just click"Restart Networking" and 5 seconds later, you are online again.. Kinda like that :)
They are also thinking of implementing iPv6 ( next IP-protocol) but they are not sure if they'll make it in time before it's released next summer.

There are some sites that are using BeOS as their server on the net, but there are no security options yet ( the permissions are allready there) and it's pretty slow now compared to either Linux, or NT just because they haven't fooled with it that much yet.

I remember that some engineer told us that they are not giving up before it's better than most out there..

What i would have done if i were you is to put together an old box to test-drive BeOS. Find a Pentium 133 or something with compatible cheap/used hardware so you can see what it's all about. It's pretty fast even on old hardware
The full version can be found for as low as $38.95 ( $42,- with the BeOS Bible) and if you decide to go for it, you will get every point update for free ( unlike Apple *snicker*) (You buy 4.5, you get 4.6,4.7,4,8,4,9 for free) and only pay $29,- when 5.0 comes out. .

If you decide to develop for it, you get every release for FREE..
Oh.. They even have a policy that "even if you don't like it, you'll get your money back - no questions asked"

This is getting long, and i am rambling waaaaayyy of topic here.
If you don't mind the plug, here is a link to a BeOS forum i am currently working on. Lots of people with sane answers, and there has never been a flame there either.

Click on Be and you are in..

Hope this helps a little.. :)
Oh. I forgot..

I don't remember what experience you have with BeOS, but if you have a fast connection, there is a place where you can download an AVI of the demonstration of BeOS It lasts about 20 minutes ( R4.0) and it's almost 200MB.. took me 40 minutes on a cablemodem. :) I'll find the link if you are interested...
Oh yes,
please find that movie if you could.
I'm on a 10 mbps LAN, so size doesn't matter.

Okay. I am trying to find it. The movie is kinda good too, that's the one that made me buy it 2 weeks after :)

I'll be keeping you informed as soon as i find it :) ( or when someone else finds it for me :) )
Okay. Found the movie. I made a new topic out of that one :)

Now here is a link to a place where they list some sites using BeOS as a server.. it can be done, it's just not as fast as Linux or NT ....yet :D
You will also see what servers are available for it (Apache and such)
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