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A man is walking in the dark. He doesn't see a hole in the ground, he falls and get killed. If he was aware of the hole, he would be alive.

Another example. A child is in the darkness. He doesn't know what is there. He fears it. He runs away.

Another... A dark place. You are hungry. There is a table full of food in front of you and you can't see. You die of starvation.

Now, how important do you think it is to be aware?

I? not talking about one hole in the dark. I'm talking about all holes in the dark (especially the good ones ); a buda kind of awareness or enligthment. I think this is what's being argued here.

It's still the same awareness I'm talking about. Awareness gives you peace of spirit. It gives you wisdom. It makes you happy. It makes life meaningfull.

In the other thread it's the same thing. Again the 1 Corinthians 13:12 shows that really well. God is aware of us but we are not aware of Him. With the awareness, what you call "enlightment", you know that He exist and that He is everywhere. If all that you know is darkness, you won't comprehend what is light (as it's written in John 1:5 : "And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.") As you become used with it, you start to comprehend it.

Imagine a blind man that was born blind. He doesn't know how is the sun, how is the sky and the trees. One day, he sudenly sees. At first he gets confused. He might even go crazy. But as he gets used with it, he starts to comprehend it. The same with the awareness.

In Zen-Buddhism, there is a story about a blind man that asks how is the sun. One man says that the sun is rund like a cymbal and he gives the cymbal to the blind man so that he can feel its shape. However, the blind man hits the cymbal and listen to it and finish by thinking that the sun sounds like a cymbal.

Now, here is the interpretation (using you as the blind man and me as the other). I have the awarenes and you don't. You try to comprehend it by your own means, using your head (as the blind man uses his ears). In the end, you still cannot comprehend it (because you judged it by your own means).

I hope you understand those simple story-illustrations...
Sorry TruthSeeker. I don't understand religious enlightment . You see me as the blind man, and for some reason you think i need your light. But i'm happy anyway.
My $.02

I've read over the's interesting. Until one comes to the point where seeking awareness is a deep seated longing, he will continue to look at the darkness as a comfortable, secure place. If as in the blind man's case, that is all you know, you are as stated fearful of the light. When you realize (becoming aware of) the 'truth' of the light you long wholly for it. This longing is what leads people on their individual paths to the light.

If you were to have even the smallest glimpse of the light, it would completely change your whole aspect of the reality and illusion of life.

Originally posted by Awake:If you were to have even the smallest glimpse of the light, it would completely change your whole aspect of the reality and illusion of life.

Yes, but then what composes the light? Longing or truth is not a cosmic revelation, but a personal one.

I beleive that instead of thinking in terms of 'I want to become aware of the true nature of things' I think in terms of 'I want to feel what you feel about things, even if I don't quite know what to make of my own things.' The thought of a God can be easily grasped and situated within our socio-psychological way of viewing truth, in terms of right or wrong, so it fits. The idea of light can be easily accomodated becuse it has the aspect of vagueness built in. No one can describe 'the light': It must be felt.

Is it then truly cosmic? I believe that the only way to recognize our interna delusion is to be entirely seperate of any emotion- because while the cosmos may or may not be emotional, we don't accomplish anything in terms of changing our own opinions by imposing them on the totality of existence.

So, we must either analyze everything or live by our emotions. We must have priorities, and we can have direct meaning and purpose in our lives without those priorities being groundshaking. Those who see 'the light' do not see anything seperate from our own central delusion- they see only one emotion with the aspect of the undefined defined within it. I cannot hope to possibly debunk this idea, because it's basis is in emotion, of giving oneself up to the comfortable numbness of awareness.

In the end, we get no comfort from comprehending our cosmos, but rather each other.
The light is ourselves.

We cannot possibly know anything outside of our own personal relations with others, and ourselves.

The idea of a 'light' is vauge and then purely emotional. Nothing relevant to mankind can be unemotional, nothing can be purely outside of the human condition. If anything could, it would simply not be worth it.
I was a little lost in your wordage, but I think I agree with you. I was using the light and the blind man references that were already being used. In the case of awareness, it is a personal and emotional response, atleast until it's not anymore. What it is, is the ultimate knowledge of how all things are related. By coming to know ourselves as our true nature (enlightened, aware, energy...etc) we are then able to know how others feel.

I ask you, what is the difference between a cosmic revelation and a personal revelation? I say it is the same. We are all one with the cosmos so a personal revelation is a cosmic revelation.

The longing is just what motivates one on a path of self discovery that will eventually lead to awareness.