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  1. lucifers angel same shit, differant day!! Registered Senior Member

    I watched this last night and i enjoyed ot for the most part, but i was a tad disapointed with the ending, anyone else seen it?


    Capital-investment firm chief Clay Beresford (Hayden Christensen) is in love with a woman named Sam (Jessica Alba) but is unwilling to tell his mother, Lilith Beresford (Lena Olin), of their relationship. It is later revealed that this is due to Sam being Lilith's personal assistant. Clay suffers from a heart condition that requires a heart transplant to be carried out by Dr. Jack Harper (Terrence Howard) who had previously saved his life and is now his good friend. Lilith and her friend, Dr. Neyer (Arliss Howard), try to dissuade him from using Dr. Harper as his surgeon, due to Harper's spotty medical history and existing malpractice claims. In the interim, he has to disclose his relationship with his fiancée, Sam. Lilith does not take kindly to Clay's haste and asks him to wait until he is older.

    Clay becomes upset and leaves with Sam, to be married in a private midnight ceremony with Dr. Harper as his best man and witness. As Clay and Sam begin to consummate their marriage, Clay receives a message via his pager informing him of a heart being ready for his transplant. Clay goes to the hospital to meet with Dr Harper, where Lilith tries to dissuade him again and insists Dr. Neyer perform the surgery instead. Clay, frustrated with his mother's sheltering, brushes aside her concerns and proceeds with Dr. Harper as his surgeon.

    In the operating room the original anesthesiologist is unexpectedly replaced by an apparently inept doctor, Larry, claiming to be from another hospital. This disturbs some of the team members and momentarily concerns Clay. During surgery, Clay encounters "anesthetic awareness" and finds himself fully conscious but paralyzed. To escape the pain, Clay has an out-of-body experience.

    From the conversations in the operating room Clay discovers his entire surgical team has plotted to kill him on the operating table. The failure or rejection of the transplant would prove fatal without a viable alternative. Dr. Harper is having second thoughts when Sam comes in to encourage him to go through with the plan. Meanwhile, Lilith anxiously awaits for the results of the operation. Sam tries to win the affection of her new mother-in-law during her moment of vulnerability.

    Lilith begins to ponder on losing her son, then grabs Sam's purse and walks to the cafeteria, while in the cafeteria she calls her friend who is the doctor who initially was suspicious of Dr. Harper. She knows that the only way to save her son is for her to die. She knew that Sam had Clays medication pills in her purse. While taking her son's pills she founds Sam's mail which she forgot on her first and that when everything started making sense to her. Sam was a nurse at the hospital where the surgery is being performed before she became her assistant. Sam enters the operating room and from the following conversations Clay discovers that Sam worked at the hospital under Dr. Harper, and realizes that Sam is also part of the scheme. He becomes dejected, and, accepting his fate, walks to his home and awaits death.

    Lilith intentionally overdoses and calls her doctor to return and save her son (Clay's blood type is extremely rare, and Lilith is his only hope now due to the failed heart). Dr. Neyer returns to replace Dr. Harper and his surgical team with Lilith as a new heart donor. Larry also seems to know that there was something sinister about the old operating team. Dr. Neyer tells them that the police are on the way, and that he knew the drug they had injected into the transplant heart to cause it to fail. As they try to escape, Larry tells the police where two of them went.

    Sam abandons Dr. Harper, saying that she will claim innocence in the matter. So Dr. Harper locks himself in his office and tells Sam that he has the syringe with Sam's fingerprints on it, and awaits his inevitable arrest, expressing repentance for his actions. It is revealed Sam had persuaded Dr. Harper under the pretense that she would use part of Clay's vast fortune to pay for all of the malpractice suits against Dr. Harper as payment for assisting her in the murder.

    Although the transplant is a success, Clay refuses to leave limbo believing he has nothing left in the outside world after his mother's death and wife's betrayal. Lilith appears to him and revisits his childhood past with him and shows that during a quarrel she accidentally murdered his father to protect him. After Lilith convinces Clay that he is a better man than his father ever was, Clay decides that his life is worth living and leaves limbo.

    Dr. Harper closes the film with the phrase, "He is awake", and his narration admits their guilt. Sam is shown being cornered and arrested.

    Hayden Christensen as Clay Beresford, Jr.
    Jessica Alba as Samantha "Sam" Lockwood
    Lena Olin as Lilith Beresford
    Terrence Howard as Dr. Jack Harper
    Fisher Stevens as Dr. Puttnam
    Arliss Howard as Dr. Neyer
    Christopher McDonald as Dr. Larry Lupin
    Georgina Chapman as Nurse Penny Carver
    Sam Robards as Clay Beresford, Sr.
    Steven Hinkle as Young Clay


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  3. Quigly ......................... ..... Registered Senior Member

    I have...what did you hope to happen?
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  5. Loretta Compher Registered Member

    I liked the ending and thought it was fitting.

    My son says the character thought being "awake" had two different levels. One being physically awake, but also awake to the lies and manipulation of his "wife" and doctors. Maybe even a third level being "awake" to the type of man his father really was.

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