AVG Free 2013 - SUCKS !

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This is my third try at a reply....so if this doesn't work...I will quit. I just wanted to say that AVAST Free is only free for a trial period now and mine runs out in 6 days. I subscribed to Advanced Technical Support last September for $200 and they have helped me out a lot but now they want me to buy their virus protection for $200 more. I had been told that the Malwarebytes they put on my computer would take care of everything back in Sept. but now that is not true. So I would like to look into the one you mentioned, Webroot. Any words of advice?
I just cannot figure this place out....I wanted to reply to Khilborn and the program says I cannot use quotes....huh? Today is my first time here ..... might be my last as I am spending way too much time at it.
I have recently become aware of a serious quirk of AVG 2013. (Windows 7) The memory in my computer is 6135 MB. After a restart it is about 30% in use. However after a scan by AVG the usage jumps to 50% (even though the scan has been completed).
@ Jan p4,
I think the cost in my link has gone to $20 now.. if that was what you wished to say. For your first 15 posts here you cannot quote or use links to prevent spam. Sorry.

My AVAST only talks to me when it does updates. Maybe you have not yet experienced an update. It says "Avast has just updated your protection" or some such words in a nice woman voice. It does not speak to me on a regular basis.

Webroot if you follow my link is only $20. It was editors choice and also recommended by a member here who works for "Geek Squad". That price is only for 1 computer and includes no disk, but those are "extra" options.

@ mathman.. Avast is the free way to go now.

Go to post 48 (page 3) for links to both..