Debate: Auschwitz Holocaust Claims Are Unsubstantiated

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James R

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The agreed topic of this debate, in full, is:

The claim 'state sanctioned, systematic gassing of humans occured at the Auschwitz camp in World War II' is not empirically proven.

The debaters are:

For the affirmative: steampunk
For the negative: James R

This debate is subject to the Standard Rules, as set out [post=1703393]here[/post].

The two day time limit in rule 4 is extended to 7 days.

The debate begins in the next post, with steampunk's opening post.

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Moderator note: steampunk has apparently wimped out of the Debate that he suggested, and has disappeared from sciforums.

This Debate is officially dead. Thread closed.

[PS James R wins by default ;) ]
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