ATTN: People who Play RTS games!

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Anyone here like to play Real Time Stategy games?

If so, put you list of favorites here, and maybe we can arrange some epic battles.

Personally I own pretty much every single RTS game, here are my top 3 played.

Total Annihilation
CnC: Generals (ZH)
Empire Earth (original)

Though those are my favorites, I enjoy wiping the floor with whomever may challenge at any of the others.

Well, excluding Starcraft, I never liked that game. Come on, 12 units MAX selected at a time? What is that, a skirmish based game?
I used to like RTS, but I've kind of lost interest. I have Age of Empires III, but lately I just don't have the time, patience, or attention span to get really into it.
Fafnir665 said:
Well, excluding Starcraft, I never liked that game. Come on, 12 units MAX selected at a time? What is that, a skirmish based game?

How come not Starcraft? I would have thought that was the game that stimulated interest in this genre. I enjoyed it (and actually I want a seige tank of my own lol). I realise it's limitation, but it was basically a was bound to have some drawbacks.
Starcraft was the last released of the 'pioneering' games, and all it really added was awareness of the genre to a lot of people. In my experience, most people who played starcraft only enjoyed starcraft, and found it hard to be interested in other real time strategy games.

I never really enjoyed it, it was too small a game for my liking. I enjoy games where I can control an army, not a couple small squads.
I will wait for Supreme Commander (the sequel to Total Annihilation), and then I will have a match with ye.
That game is going to be SICK.

I have been waiting for it since it was announced :(

There is a website that has building shots, close up ship shots, and the site has movies :D

Just to mince words, its not really the sequel since the rights are owned by someone else... its like the spiritual sequel though :p
Starcraft and Warcraft for the win! TA/C&C was also great, I always liked the competition that SC/WC brought, though.
I used to love playing Warcraft about 12 years ago, but after a few clones I got sick of RTS games.

Warcraft III was a pile of shit, WoW was like crack but that isn't an RTS.

I love the Total War series, but that is now going to shit too thanks to the company that makes it wanting to sell more copies to the 30-second-attention-span RTS clickfest crowd. Medieval 2 Total War will probably be even more tawdry and shallow than RTW but H3Y d00d T3H GR4PHICS r sO K3wL!!!!
I still play an old RTS game called Outpost 2, made in '97 by Dynamix.

By today's standards, the graphics and sound are absolutely horrible but the game play is awesome.

The game has plenty of micromanagement with such things as Morale (you have to keep your people happy to get kids which become workers which run your buildings) You have to deal with food which is a very important resource in the game (people die if the food supply runs out) There are two types of ore (=money) in the game, common and rare. Some other interesting things are 3 weapon 'chassis' which are vehicle bases, then a turret is mounted on top. (as well as a generic "guard post" which has a turret mounted).

That way you might have weapon: Laser. there would be 4 uses for this weapon: Guard Post Laser, Lynx Laser, Panther Laser, Tiger Laser.

The game is rated low, unfortunately, due to the single player. (The single player isn't that great -- the game lacks a true AI and it's mostly scripted events).
Another reason might be the lack of a map editor (but this has changed, read below).

I'm from a community at, we are devoted to Outpost and Outpost 2. if this game interests you or perhaps you used to play Outpost / Outpost 2 feel free to drop in.

We've done some things to the game. The biggest feat is being able to make new missions.
This is a very unique game architecture simply because the missions themselves are windows DLL's written in C++. The terrain is stored separately of the bases and game settings in a .map file. (There are various game types, and there is a DLL for each game type even if they play on the same map. This way the .map file is shared however the mission setup is different since that is controlled thru code in the DLL).

Anyway, if it looks at all interesting to you, have a look and come sign up at our forums!
I remember playing Outpost 2 for a bit when I got it from the bargain bin. It was interesting enough while I played it but I kept reminiscing about all of the fun I had with Starcraft, which I eventually went back to playing. TA was fantastic and I'm hoping Supreme Commander will be great as well.
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