Atlanteans & the Aliens


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I strongly believe that the Aliens were having a treaty with the Atlanteans 13000 years ago.
In fact at this period Mars might have been a planet like the Earth that had been destroyed by a nuclear war when this seal had been broken.
In his fall ; Lucifer the so called Atlantean was chased from Mars by the Aliens : The lost Paradise and he had to hide upon the earth with his tribe forming the Atlantean civilization survivors, the seed of humanity. What do you think of this historical version of humanity ?

Depends. Which book did you swipe it from? Have you read Hancock's Mars Mystery? Alfords The Phoenix solution? or Atlantis Rising by some wacko -erm americAn? Where did the idea of a treaty come from? Why 130000 years ago? I thought 10500 BC was the popular New Age theory? Which of the favourite locations for Atlantis do you go with? Not the South Pole surely?

I agree there was something beyond the mediterranean which the Greeks, Egyptians etc traded with. Certainly Egyptian mummies have been found with traces, often quite large, of cannabis and cocaine. The only scientificaly accepted place of origin at the time of mummification could only be South America. I mean, when the body metabolises drugs etc.. metabolites are secreted in hair and depending on the drug remain, are stable for years.

Most ancient civilisations had some contact with the promised land (the americAs). But where? THe only thing Columbus was famous for was introducing disease not finding the americAs - and genocide important not to forget that one.

As to the location of Atlantis \ Lemuria who knows. Alan Alford thinks he has definitive proof, from Egyptian scripture that Atlantis was a water planetary that exploded after a collision with Mars bringing forward the great flood. (?!).

Eric von Daniken on the other hand says in Return of the Gods that aliens' drowned mankind after alien rebels had settled the planet and interbred with humans. The non-rebel aliens did not like this so flooded the whole place after telling Noah how not to get his feet wet. Perhaps Atlantis was where this unholy breeding programme happened. Sodum and Gemorah (apologise for the spelling) sounds a good bet? Who knows.

Just like the various "The Truth Behind Roswell" books there are the same various truths about Atlantis. I personally think the mediterranean is out of the question. Herodotus mentioned myssterious places beyond the pillars of Hercules (or some god person or other...)[Gibraltar?].

Easter island is quite an interesting idea. The islands, which were are now under sea, were above the surface thousands of years ago ca. the magical 10500 BC. They would have formed a formidable continent? Were they aliens or just normal humans with no religous oppression to curb their science that the rest of the world had to deal with - unrelated but is it true in the usa some states do not allow the theory of evolution to be taught? What sort of scientific level would we be at now if religion had not interferred?

Were Atlanteans aliens? Perhaps not. OK I have no proof but then nobody has to the contrary. Good topic btw.

You know it to be so
Arhkros, tell me. Why do you think this? I take it it is thought and I hope there are no voices in your little head telling you so? I wonder, how much television do you watch and how often do you go outside and talk to people other than your parents? Have you ever been outside? Kind of scary. All that space, all those people. Can you hear them laughing at you? Can you? What are those voices telling you to do? Does it drive you mad?

Are you registered with a correspondence university to learn Klingon per chance? Like the books you read and the films you is all pretend. Nothing is real. Daddy does not have to empty all the dead bodies out of the back of the television set everytime there is war film on you know.....

Ofcourse I believe you.....
My dear friends Matt & E.Che Sachs.
First I thank you for the attention you had answering to me and will email to you personally in time.
Dear Matt I am not a Sc-Fic reader. My sources comes rather from visions I had and I have not much time for TV or movies dear E.che Sacks. I am a music producer and I try to arrange something these days to go out in the spotlight.
Some years ago something happened to me...
I am not hearing voices...not the way you think. I got gifted when I was 18 years old with a precious ability to write automatically.
It means a second level of consciousness far behind the normal persona I got can push my hand to draw and write things from beyond our living kingdom. Well I am thankful for the sight that is probably very useful for me sometimes. Sometimes ; I'll explain it personaly, it was also hard to live with it.
This sight made me choose the name of Ahkros for 2 years now; this is an example.
The sight brought me to understand the meaning of Ahkros : Ahk - Anhk = the Skies : the Ark
Ros - Rosios : the Fire.
Well maybe the fire of the skies could be the meaning of it.
Now answers ; I'll be precise :
1/Why 13000 years ago :
Because Menès 1st was brought by the Atlanteans in nearly 3500 bc to be king & not in 3100 Pharaoh Menès mission was to travel to Egypt to find new plants used in medecine to reduce the amount of diseases that some of the Atlanteans had contracted : loss of Type O blooded people they may have in their new Tribes.Menès found some Tribes surviving having O type blood in nubia & he decided to link this offered kingdom thru the Nile transport & communication with other populations from the south.

2/Atlantis Capital might be the old Jayers situated in the region of Java ; indonesia.
Remember Ur might be the land where some rescapes started a new life in 10300 maybe bc JC.

3/ I said it no voices in my head Sachs.
4/ They said I am a 'Junior' but I am already 33 years old.
I don't go to the movies for me it is boring and TV is essential for News, music...
I have no correspondance with universities at all.
I learned russian ; so I use to read lots of russian poetry, history, novels.
I also read German litterature.
5/ I am Type O neg -blooded.

I will e-mail and read the responses with lots of interess. We'll be making progress ; don't worry.
Thanx again.


Did you ever read the book, 'When the Skies fell'? It contains alot of interesting info. on the probable site of the great civilisation 'Atlantis' and its eventual destruction by tectonic plate movement. I was wondering what you thought of the book if you have indeed read it.

It sounds like an interesting read. Do you have the ISBN number by chance? I would like to see if I can find it in a library. Many thanks. MDS.
Well.. I don't know enough of this really, but something has happened on this earth a long time ago because we have so much lead on this planet ( and lead isn't natural) That means that there have been an atomic war of somekind a looong time ago. But do i "know" more about Atlantis, and the Aliens? No..
I read a book once ( time to dust it off) called " Atlantis by Charles Berlitz.. But i don't rememeber anything from it :eek:

"We didn't inherit this world from our parents, we are borrowing it from our children".

The bashers are the always the first to reply. Don't let them get your spirit. :)

I'll throw in my speculation.
How about the meteorite that struck in the gulf of Mexico was high in lead content???
You want nuclear?? that chunk of rock would have caused the same effect.
I think Mars was the victim of a huge planet killer of a meteorite shower a long, long time ago. The Mars surface is the proof of that. I doubt nuclear is the answer.
Ive got to interject here real quick, also what about the object that fell in Tunguska? It caused quite the explosion.

Eric Cooper
Uh Oh. I might have started something here, but i'll try.

Faerieshaman: I do not believe the Tungushka event was a big enough event to case all of that, though there were a lot of toothpicks everywhere :)

About the impact in the gulf of mexico. Well that would be highly possible, but then the area should have a very high lead content i believe, and i do not know if that is the case. I haven't heard anyone measuring it, but if that is the case, then its possible.

I am in favour of an atomic event though, though it is nothing i can prove.