Astral Projection

Shrike, you are telling two things here.

First you want to develope psychic abilities and you are trying it out.

Second, if it works a little, you freak out.

What do you want now? Don't understand you. If you were awake then it was no nightmare...

Afraid it will work for you? Then stop trying. Or give in and let it work for you. You can't have both at the same time.

Good luck with it.;)
Was what I felt normal?

I'd like to know if I really was on the verge of having an OBE rather than a dream. I'm pretty sure I was awake but my memory is clouded.
If you are trying to have an OBE before you fell asleep (or A/P), then there is a good chance you take it with you in a dream and from out the dream you can get an OBE. That is called a Lucid Dream.;)

If you woke up because you were frightened, your Inner Self did not want to give in and let you wake up. Then you can feel pretty shaken up yes...

Ask yourself if you really want to have an OBE or a A/P and listen good to yourself. If you are not sure it will work, it works against you.

Talk to you later...:)

Okay if this can be done succes fully without any cheating etc,then astral projection is a truth...

choose a remote area first, then take a book from that place,..

now when person is in process of doing astral projection ask him that while during the process to go there and learn about the book details viz name of author etc.the book off course should be placed at an inaccessible area for the person demonstrating astral projection...after the process ask him about the details of the book...if he answers corrctly then this process exists...else not.

this type of experiment was once conducted on a man named charles in Colarado University,under controlled conditions...the person was given a place just couple of blocks away a house specifically,to give detailed description of its kitchen's crockery,he was actually 67.2% accurate...still not convincing...

new to group

Hello all- I am new to the group and very excited about polishing my astral projection abilities. All that I have read so far from you is both entertaining and educational. I thank you. Here is my main problem- I would like to project a few hours or few days into the future and am having trouble , any advice?
The future does not exist. You will visit a future that is extrapolated by your mind based on the experiences you have. So what you see may not be the future when it happens. On the otherhand, you SC mind may prevent you from viewing - if it is damaging you in the present which could alter the future.
Hi zion:

One of the conclusions we made doing numerous experiments in telepathy is that, if the information is present in someones mind and that person is nearby, the test subject can pick it up. So, unless that contamination is avoided, the result of remote viewing, astral projection etc. may not be accurate.
Hi Km,

For the experiment i have stated will be a laboratory controlled stuff,all the necessary precautions including the one that you stated will be taken care off so as to avoid any kind of inaccuracy of results...

Hi everyone - First post - I just want to say Its great to see so many veterans here! I worked with my guide a number of years ago about this A/P thing and scared myself silly back then - I asked and I recieved so to speak. A few paralysis states later and I didn't feel so keen! Now I guess I'm back and ready for some action can anyone tell me what actually happens when you wake conscious in the paralysis state and actually let yourself slide into it? I've been there many times but always hold myself 'up' - or with a tremendous will pull the use of my body back to use and then feel like a real coward! and wished I had more faith or balls!
Miamaximus and Jaames...

A very late reply, way to late. Apologies for that.

Welcome at Sciforums, hope you are still around here. Can imagine the two of you are disappointed in the reactions here at Parapsychology. Haven't been around here much lately. Again, my apologies.

Miamaximus, are you serieus? Projecting to the future? Well, I should say, go for it, why not? I don't know if it's possible, guess not. Guess you know it too. What is that about the future that everybody always wants to know what is going to happen in the future. You live in the here and now, not in the future. No advice for that, I am sorry.;)

Jaames, your body wants to hold control over you, so your brain will tell you not to slide. Only thing you can do is trying to let yourself go, steady and easy. I don't get the idea you are afraid of the sleep paralysis. The paralysis is just a fragment of bringing your body in a state of rest for the upcoming experience. OBE, Lucid Dream or so. So try it, just let yourself go, don't think.:)

A/P is something different, no sleep paralysis there. A/P you do on purpose, very awake...
Fear is a inhibitor for sure. On every vision quest I first go through a state I call the judgement. This is where you see yourself as you truly are. The ego, its fears and preconceptions. It feels as a bouncer at the door.
Checks you and then pushes you away or lets you in.
The bouncer is you, and you are scrutinizing yourself.
Here one must come to terms with one self. See what baggage one brings along for the ride.

All emotions take tangible form. Accepting what one meets and feels is key.
When moving within a spiritual realm nothing can be avoided and trying to do so only brings fear and panic. Shame, anger or sorrow are hard things to deal with on all planes. But encountering these emotions as real entities is the real killer. Try to flee and you´ll be messed up for sure.
A vision quest should not be interupted. The messages can be cryptic as they are, and bailing out before the whole story is given means you´ll be carrying along some pretty sinister images and half-told truths that could haunt you a long time.

The fear-factor involved in all mental and spiritual excercises is there as a warning. This is real stuff. You are meta-programming. And you should do it with caution :)

My visitations to the future only created paradoxes. There was this horrible, horrible situation waiting(wont go into details). Trying to avoid it, I made it.
The lesson, see but don´t touch.
MuliBoy is right. I don't go into stuff about projecting into the future. First try to project yourself in these dimensions. Problems will be on your way. It is up to you yourself to deal with them.

MuliBoy said it so right. His English is much better than mine. Thank you MuliBoy...:)
No, thank you Banshee for starting the parapsychology forum :)
Religion?! Bahh. I like it much better with these topics :)
Conditioned response

I think everyone who can do remote viewing or astral projection has there own technic of doing so. I do know that it is a process of conditioning as are most things.

Well, I don't think so...

Most people use one of the most common techniques...
When I tried it, I used the very, very, very most common technique.
Just lay as still as possible, release the tension off your muscles.

Consentrate on your body and try to get out whitout using a muscle by staying awake whit your mind, and let your body fall asleep.

I almost got out...
I think the reason is that I thought my body was asleep but not completely...
I felth the 'vibrations' they said that most commonly would come, but a complete seperation didn't work...

I'll try it again sometime soon :)

I had a good link about Astral projection, there are about 20 techniques there, whit all of the most used...


Thanx for the reply - although I'm a bit confused now - could you clarify for me the difference between A.P and O.B.E - I assumed they were the same thing ??
Scrap that!!!!! I ve just read another of your posts that answer that question nicely! guess i should look around before asking stupid questions. DOH!
No worries...

There is a lot going on in a thread sometimes. It is easily overlooked sometimes. No stupid questions what so ever.;)

Good to see you are on the boards again...
By now you have to know... I gues...

Astral Projection is commonly compared whit OBE...
OBE = Out of Body Experience...

Astral Projection is similar to it, but more versatile...
You can be at some other plane, not just our standard physical plane...

Do you understand it now?