artemis by andy weir (spoilers)

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    Did anyone read andy weirs latest book Artemis?

    I enyoed the story and it's written in a style that would be easier to adopt as a movie then the martian was (it had to many scenes and I still believe it would have been better adopted in a short series)
    the rights to Artemis are actually allready bought by fox

    The problem I had with Artemis was with the final 2 action scenes. During this part (mayor spoilers) they abandon their plan to blow up the last harvester and in stead focus on destorying the melter itself.
    This because the melter is to well harded. The thing is the person that assigns these guards (bob) is in on the plot and is actualy helping the protagonist. Also the norwegian guy had 4 spare harvesters in his garage on the moon meaning production could start up right away. don't forget the city is depended on the melter for a source of oxygen. And our protagonist depleted all oxygen reserves of the city itself and used tronts air to make the air breathable again. But without tront's air he should not be able to get the power for air contract. Also the city is obviously leaking air at the damaged airlock this isn't that big of a problem. However the entire population had been breathing cloroform for almost a hour and when they woke up they focused getting medical treatmant to the wounded people who knows how long it took for someone to even note the leaks considering all the emergency relief valves where open to release the over pressure and the entire city was sort off venting in a controlled manner. Also what would these people breath now that they lost their way of producing oxygen, having lost their own reserves of oxygen, lost tront's emergy for a year atmosphere and have a damaged leaking air lock and the melter dome is also completly depressurized with a hole in it's side.

    also Artemis has very little room and is rather clausterphobic why isn't the area around the domes paved over and rented out our main characters appartment is a simple bedroom without toilet kitchen or bathroom not high enough to stand up straight, whilst the 4 secret harvesters are in a pressurized hanger big enough to build a house in with a park. Tront could have made a fortune yust renting the place and parking his hidden project outside theres no weather in space he could have slamed a couple of rods in the ground and spanned a sail to hide his projects

    that said i did still lovrf the story and I would recommed it to people who are into scifi and action

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