Art/Culture forum needs help!


Bartok Fiend
Registered Senior Member
:bugeye: I must seem crazed and delusional, but on this Sunday morning at home, I am feeling sorry for the Art/Culture forum. I don't know why, but I would like to see more people be interested in it, I would like to see more people post on there any way we can recruit Art afficianados on Sciforums? We could really diversify. It's just that...I feel alone in having all these artistic things to post yet know one really cares.
...and we could have a picto-forum where people could post only in pictures and only reply in pictures. That way people would have to determine the meaning of the art to make a point. We could have politics picto-forum, a free thoughts picto-forum, and a music picto-forum. That way we could these sciforumers more artisitiaclly apt.
;) And maybe we should expand Art/Culture to a whole 'subsection' with seperate sections for music, poetry, and art? I think poetry could be a great thing to seriously get into at sciforums...alongside getting to know each other in debates and such, we need some great poetic dialogue.