Arizona Immigration Law

That's gotta be good for business.

It has been bad for the State. One thing that's come out of it is that they've managed to show that the jobs the illegals have been doing really are jobs Americans don't want.

Potato farmer Kevin Smith told The Associated Press that the Americans he hired show up late, work slower and are ready to call it quits after a day on the job or sooner.

Many farmers continue to tell us they can't find Americans to replace migrant workers left the state when the immigration law went into effect.

Farmers we talked to say local workers aren't interested...or can't work in agriculture.

They say they're losing money because Hispanic workers have fled the state.
The obvious point

Madanthonywayne said:

We have an answer to a question posed by Tiassa ....

While I always appreciate some detail filling in the scene on the ground, I don't see what either of those cases have to do with the question.

They might invite a host of other questions, but while the tales plot a couple of points within a reasonably expectable range, they do not really say much about the boundaries and thresholds of enforcement.
A great example of Statism and why it sucks.
If a person wants to hire a Mexican then I don't see why he or she can't do that? It's their god damn farm, who gives some douche in government the right to dictate what a free person can do to get their produce to market?
People have completely lost the fricken plot.
Not long ago you came to New York, were checked to make sure you weren't carrying any serious disease and after that you were let on your way. No passport, no work permit, no goodies from the State and no threats either. Move along. That's what MADE our nation wonderful. Hardworking immigrants flooded OUT of State-run(down) Europe for Libertarian America. You can bet that isn't going to last much longer. I give it one more generation and America will be so broke down and out it'll be Americans trying to find work in Asia all the while wondering "What happened to America"?

Too Big Too Fail happened.