Are we living in a Multiverse?

Are we living in a Multiverse?

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Dennis Tate

At this time the parapsychology forum seems like the most logical place to put this because some of the most impressive evidence that I've ran into over the past couple of decades has been from near death experience accounts.... .where the person is shown A FUTURE.... but told that this rather negative future can be avoided..... .if we human will make better choices than had been made in the events that led up to that other future?????

This idea sounds like what some Theoretical Physicists term a Multiverse????

Why Do Physicists Say A Multiverse Has To Exist?

Ethan SiegelSenior Contributor
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The Universe is out there, waiting for you to discover it.
Here are some very intriguing quotations from near death experiencers that will explain what I mean by this.
3. The future is not fixed and can change
During Karen Schaeffer's NDE, she was shown her children's future as it would exist if she decided to remain in the light. Because she decided to return, the future she was shown did not happen. This suggests that the future is always changing from moment to moment based upon our current actions and decisions. This principle supports quantum mechanic principles.

One of Margot Grey's NDE research subjects stated:

"During my experience ... I was also shown events that are likely to happen in the near future, but was made to understand that nothing is absolutely fixed and that everything depends on how we choose to use our own free will, that even those events that are already predestined can be changed or modified by a change in our own way of relating to them." (Grey, 1985, p. 123)

NDE experiencer Howard Storm was given information on how the future is not fixed:

"We have free will. If we change the way we are, then we can change the future which they showed me. They showed me a view of the future, at the time of my experience, based upon how we in the United States were behaving at that time. It was a future in which a massive worldwide depression would occur. If we were to change our behavior, however, then the future would be different." (Howard Storm)

Howard Storm was also told how a single person can change the world:

"All it takes to make a change was one person. One person, trying, and then because of that, another person changing for the better. They said that the only way to change the world was to begin with one person. One will become two, which will become three, and so on. That's the only way to affect a major change" (Howard Storm)

During Ricky Randolph's NDE, he was told virtually the same thing:

"You must return and help others to change by changing your life!" (Ricky Randolph)

Dannion Brinkley was told how the future is conditional upon human beings:

"If you follow what you have been taught and keep living the same way you have lived the last thirty years, all of this will surely be upon you. If you change, you can avoid the coming war. If you follow this dogma, the world by the year 2004 will not be the same one you now know. But it can still be changed and you can help change it." (Dannion Brinkley)

This idea is somewhat scary.....
but it puts a great deal of power plus responsibility on us humans....
could it be true that if we humans change our ways that we could dramatically alter the future that we are living in?????????
My guess is that all my life I was thinking in terms of TIME being one straight line......
but what if Time is in actuality much more like a tree... with both roots as well as branches....
and even that is a very poor comparison??????

What if a moment in what we think of as the past... .could be totally and fully replicated......
but then some factor changed so that a totally new time line could be worked out????

Will there be another August of 1939 in which another time line is spun off in which there is no Holocaust???????

Could it be that the events that we know of as history are also pretty close to "Worst Possible Case Scenario" and will all future time lines be better and better and better and better than
what we think of as history???????

Will some of our children or grandchildren be involved in the initiation of a new time line in which another 1939 may be created......
in order to save the lives of the vast majority of the population of Europe from the Holocaust????????

In my opinion the people in Hollywood who play around with this idea are not stupid... and they are not totally ignorant of Theoretical Physics!