Any recommendations


I'm new in the forum. Any recommendations?


Yes. Ignore river, who is just an anti-science stirrer, and Farsight, who is a self-taught eccentric with a number of firmly held but wrong convictions. Origin, billvon, onlyme, brucep and rpenner are reliable, as are a number of others whose names don't immediately spring to my mind. Motor Daddy is another stirrer and paddoboy knows a lot but tends to get enmeshed in vendettas, esp. with Motor Daddy.

This forum is very mildly moderated, so quite a lot of shit gets chucked around, at length, which can get boring for bystanders. But sometimes some really good topics come up.

Read with your critical faculties fully engaged. Be cautious of people promoting new theories. If they are modest about their claims and show understanding of current science, they may be worth paying attention to, but if not they should probably be treated with great scepticism. This goes a fortiori for anyone comparing himself (and it will be a man, believe me) to Galileo, or asserting that "they" laughed at Einstein (they didn't of course).