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Thanks to the blokes over at <a href=><font color=red>Team Phoenix Rising</font></a> and 'Johnnypf' came across 'Ad-aware' freeware on <a href=,10615,63806,00.html><font color=red> ZD Net Downloads </font></a> that removes ad-supported software that gets installed on your 'puter' without you knowing it and transmits data back to a data center.

Already downloaded and installed it on my Win2k OS. Ran it, and sure enough 'Double Click' had placed spy-ware on my computer.

Take care. ;)
Doubleclick is pretty renowned as one of the worst offenders as far as spyware is concerned; by there are many, many more.
Handy things you can also do: use PGP (or GPG), don't use windows, disable javascript... I wouldn't merely rely on one piece of software.
Of course, most people find javascript handy (unless you're downloading porn, of course), and most are too lazy to use encryption or install an OS that's stable and secure.

Moral of the story: there are a lot of bastards out there. They don't even necessarily have to use a web site; script kiddies are legion, and they spend their nights scanning ranges of IP addresses looking for some poor, hapless windows user who's logged on via an ISP and hasn't implemented decent security features.

Of course, Linux can be insecure if you do nothing with it as well, as can MacOS. The price of freedom to surf is, after all, eternal vigilance.
I suggest for you all to use a firewall.
zone alarm would be great. even if you have is\nstalled smth like"best buy" or else, zone alarm will ask you if to allow this soft to connect to inet. you say "no" and in the future you will never be bothered again. I have za for a year now and it has never "betrayed" me. I really suggest it for everyone. The basic version is free to download @
well lets see, theres a valid point with Spyware remove, but there are problems with them

(One I found once deleted your passwords from being re-issued when you inputted a username in Explorer [it can be turned off under Internet Options] and was suppose to delete "cookies" from your cache, the site address came from an e-mail add that said something like "Don't let your boss see you've been on porn sites at work". The Daft thing was, it was a Porn Site company that was premoting the program for removing pornsite caches.)

In other words, Some people that output spyware/spam do so, so they can sell their trialware programs for removing spyware/spam.

Getting a firewall up is a good idea in some instances, but I know that the advertisment banners sometimes route around for another port. You can block their servers with a firewall.

The best one I have found for a Windows system, is a program that was written by a guy that I think is now an IBM whiz-kid.

If you look for his StartupMonitor program (You have to have MSI installed to install his programs, but there is details supplied on his site) The program will watch for any program that tries to install itself for startup (be it trojans, or spyware) the program will then pop a window up and ask you "Do you want to allow this to startup?" if you select yes, it will allow it to be added to your startup, if you select no, then you force it to never load.

There is another program Startupcpl which adds a "Startup" button in your Control Panel, this too is useful as it allows you to turn off the ones that are already install on your system (and stop some of the programs that tie up memory)
for newbie windows 98 and WIN ME users. you can edit the startup list by writing msconfig.exe in search. run the prog and see your startup list. It can also be done through registry, but I don't recomend it because it might be dangerous to your system[you can delete smth you really shouldn't:)]

I duno about other MS OS because I haven't had any other, but you may try to find msconfig there as well.
Correction----msconfig is not in WIN 95

I plan to put WIN XP in PC I intend to buy[mine is too slow for it].
cracked of course, because I mess with my hardware quite often and tht registration can give a headache in these cases.
You have missed a major class of Spyware

Although the software you are speaking of has its place, it misses Snoopers completely.
There are over 180+ undetectable (without SpySentry) computer-monitoring products available to anyone with no questions asked. Some of these products are freeware and can be quickly downloaded and installed on any computer, anywhere, at anytime! The most sophisticated versions allow the snooper to be sent remotely through email and covertly install itself on your hard drive. They also (unlike some mis information being offered) Do NOT show on your application processes and many will even delay sending the information while you are not using your computer so that you won’t notice the email system sending the information.

What does this mean to you?

They could:

Capture & record your personal medical, banking and insurance information.

Capture & record every email you read or write (even if you change your mind and delete it)

Capture & record both sides of every chat session you enter (Including, AOL, YAHOO, ICQ and MSN Messengers)·

Capture & record every image you view (even while “not” on the Internet.)·

Capture & record every keystroke you make including the pause time, between them.

Capture & record everything you type or click on your computer.

Whether you are a personal pc user or a Fortune 100 Corporation, you can now get protected with SpySentry. Your intellectual property and privacy will be protected from prying eyes.

“SpySentry focuses on snoopers and spyware used for malicious purposes rather than on monitoring programs used for marketing. The product performs more in-depth scanning than antiviral software, Aware and spyware software. There is no other program in its market that even comes close.

Now you’re getting it “ Everything you do on your computer can be transmitted to anywhere in the world, instantly, to anyone, anywhere and for ONLY $49.95 you can put a stop to the worry. The scary part is, you don’t even know whether it’s happening right now…while you fret over less than fifty dollars. How much will it cost if you need to get a new batch of credit cards, a new license number, change all of your bank

Don't wait until you have lost something you can't replace...

Get Spysentry NOW!
tht mail trick won't get me:)

every mail tht is sent to me is firstly checked on mail server and if it has any attachments it deletes it on server without even downloading it.
sorry to dissapoint you at this
That email trick won't get you

That is true if it comes Via Email, 89% of all employers are monitoring their employees, how many wives, competitors with insiders, the law are installing them as well. I think you need to read about the remote installation capabilities of these products. and then decide whether you are so sure that someone hasn't installed one of them. Some employers are installing these snoopers wrapped in their company software and their is NO way to find them without SPYSENTRY
sorry again

you want to get me, but be aware. i'm not so easy to get.

I'm a home_user, single.
My room is locked from others.
Computer has nifty startup password check
even if you start safemode
after I go off my PC or after 30min idle
a locker activates and again
noone accesses my pc.
of course it could be opened with hammer, but then it would be no use of spyware

I go to a new house this summer and I allready have found a fingerprint scanner on inet.
It will look cool by my door and at the same time allowing only me to enter. Nifty huh.

You may call it paranoya or say tht I have watched too much James Bond movies, but I find it fun and if it gives me more security then why not?!

but tht soft really could be useful for office users, I agree.
anticrimeunit ...

I don't want to get anyone, I just want to stop Snoopers
That being the case, why isn't SpySentry freeware?

Or are you just pimping the produce?

Curious. :cool:
Pimping the Produce

Equally both. This type of software is expensive to develop and unlike others who choose to inundate people with more ads, I am selling it for a very fair price. I never said I wasn't out to sell it, I said I am not looking to get anyone. Sell you a good product, Of Course.
Interesting ...

A Google search turned up the following:

SpySentry 3.2 - Downloads -
... In Internet. ... SpySentry 3.2 popular Download Now Free download 1.2MB More
download links, ...
So, what's the scoop?

Curious :cool:
Cnet Downloads

That is a trial piece and allows you to try it on your system for compatibility and search the first 200 files. It is a good way to take a look at it and has been a great source of users
Call me a cynic, and you'd be right.

One thing I thought about the other day, is that how do we, the consumers, know that your software doesnt find everybody else's spyware, fix that, but install your own at the same time?

It may be paranoid but these days.... who knows...
I heard about a killer app called Black Ice. I have not yet found it, but it sounds interesting. It supposidly can identify every person that hacks into your system. I was told to look on IceWarez, but found the site full of nothing but porn banners and ripped movies/games. That was the last line I had. Any suggestions?
Black Ice can actually be found in most stores that sell computer software. From what I've heard it's really good, I'm looking into getting it myself. Here is the company that produces Black Ice and their webpage on it:

And here's a list of some hackers caught by Black Ice trying to break into this particular system. Gives you an idea of the amount of detail it picks up.
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