"American Idol" - a weight loss show?


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A health commentator has earned the wrath of Jordin Sparks' fans, after suggesting that the young American Idol winner needs to lose weight.

MeMe Roth, of the group National Action Against Obesity, said she has received death threats since appearing on U.S. television and declaring the 17-year-old Arizona native overweight.


What does a show on singing have to do with weight?:crazy:

What next? Banning fat people from singing?

Fat people cannot sing?

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because its all about vanity....not talent......and do the guys get the same pressure?
What does a show on singing have to do with weight?

What does a SHOW have to do with singing?

What next? Banning fat people from singing?

Oh, god, I hope so!! Fat women who can sing should sing, not be seen! :D

Fat people cannot sing?

Ears are for listening, eyes are for seeing ....and no one wants to see fat, ugly people while they're listening to nice music or singing!

Fat people should go to Darfur for a few months of training in eating practices.

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I shouldn't really even comment because I don't watch it, doesn't
interest me one bit......i mean doesn't it get old after a while? season after season same old shit.
since when has american idol ever been about singing no its about getting people with low education and people from the south to watch.
And then they make the watchers pay when they call in to vote for their favourites.
THey are trying to make an idol for american kiddies, and who is going to idolise some fat?? Not much of a role model