American Hater, Stop Hating, Where Not So Bad

Lol Satyr, I guarentee the American Society Gives more to Africa alone then your entire Country Generates in Revenue on a yearly basis.
Well, that proves it then, you ain’t retarded.
If I give a dollar to a bum will I become smart like you, American?

Because if I will then I won’t.
I don’t want my I.Q. to be halved due to my generosity.
O.K. put this in your pipe and smoke it du. What do you think all of those Churches friggin do. Do you understand that 80 percent of Americans pay a tithe of 10 percent of their income to churches. On average they give around 3700 hundred a year to the church. What do you think the churches do with all that money? The church that i go to has countless missionaries all around the world feeding, clothing, providing medicine and education to these children. If it werent for the Churches and the Bible TENS OF THOUSANDS maybe HUNDREDS of thousands of people wouldnt survive on a regular basis. Ever hear of that bad lady named Mother Theresa? Why dont you read her story and see the things that she has done for others, shes just 1 example. What aid do polish people provide to starving, disease ridden children?
There's that nasty Communist/Atheist attitude about helping people.
You forgot pinko Polack.
You know just as much about Communism as you do about the Deluge.

Well, you’ve expressed some opinions about the pyramids and their measurements, tell us where do measurements come from and what do they signify.
Then define measurements by explaining a point in space and the #1, which your mythologies depends upon.

Dem bad…we good.
Sums up your American global awareness.
One of the reasons people hate Americans is this...

European: There are millions of Americans without proper healtcare.
American: Fuck you, socialist commie bastard. Our country can kick your country's ass because your country sucks! I can afford to buy a gun and shoot you.
To the casual, anonymous observer.

What we have here are tow specimens of what I call Feminization.

Watch and see what I am talking about.
Wow one raven, where do you live?

Reading comprehension is a valuable skill.

I agree.
We are not all so bad.
I'm an American, and I don't have such a low opinion of myself.
But when I look at America today, what it is (as opposed to what it was or could have been) makes me ashamed of being part of it.

Yes, there were and are some great individuals in America.
Looking at the nation of Americans as a whole, however, Satyr's vision I quoted above is a pretty accurate depiction of America according to most people I know from overseas, and we have EARNED that reputation well.
His image seems fairly accurate to me as far as generalizations go.

Rather than trying to point out the "nice" things about America, why not look at his post and explain why any of it is not true?
I don't think you can.

Maybe if we can get to the point of seeing ourselves honestly, and accepting our great and many flaws as a nation, as opposed to rabidly "defending" America (often by bashing others nations like a 9 year old) we can start changing what is wrong.

If we can't see, accept, admit and own our problems, they will simply worsen -as they have been.

Prozac doesn't solve your problems, it just helps you make believe they aren't there.
Wow Saytr, your really not making sense now, starting to sound desperate. You havent provided In any way, shape, or form that the Polish people are superior. My first argument was monetary because it was first thing that popped up, you failed miserably. So you argued that money is certainly not everything which I agree and have stated so, but I also stated that if you have money you can be more in a position to help other people. But I guess Poloks are special in their own in an unknown way.
To carrion, what is said:

It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn't happening. It didn't matter. It was of no interest. The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them. You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It's a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis.

I put to you that the United States is without doubt the greatest show on the road. Brutal, indifferent, scornful and ruthless it may be but it is also very clever. As a salesman it is out on its own and its most saleable commodity is self love. It's a winner. Listen to all American presidents on television say the words, 'the American people', as in the sentence, 'I say to the American people it is time to pray and to defend the rights of the American people and I ask the American people to trust their president in the action he is about to take on behalf of the American people.'

It's a scintillating stratagem. Language is actually employed to keep thought at bay. The words 'the American people' provide a truly voluptuous cushion of reassurance. You don't need to think. Just lie back on the cushion. The cushion may be suffocating your intelligence and your critical faculties but it's very comfortable. This does not apply of course to the 40 million people living below the poverty line and the 2 million men and women imprisoned in the vast gulag of prisons, which extends across the US.

The United States no longer bothers about low intensity conflict. It no longer sees any point in being reticent or even devious. It puts its cards on the table without fear or favour. It quite simply doesn't give a damn about the United Nations, international law or critical dissent, which it regards as impotent and irrelevant. It also has its own bleating little lamb tagging behind it on a lead, the pathetic and supine Great Britain.

- Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Prize in Literature winner