American Hater, Stop Hating, Where Not So Bad

1947 Polaroid Camera
1948 Electric Guitar
1951 UNIVAC 1
1953 Heart-lung Machine
1955 Nuclear Submarine
1957 Polio Vaccine
1960 Laser
1964 Operating System
1965 Minicomputer
1969 moon landing
1970 Optical Fiber
1972 Video game Pong
1974 Barcode
1976 Supercomputer
1979 Human-Powered Flight
1981 Space Shuttle
1982 Artificial Heart
1985 Genetic Engineering

You may have missed this...
Yes, there were and are some great individuals in America.
Looking at the nation of Americans as a whole, however, Satyr's vision I quoted above is a pretty accurate depiction of America according to most people I know from overseas, and we have EARNED that reputation well.
His image seems fairly accurate to me as far as generalizations go.

Rather than trying to point out the "nice" things about America, why not look at his post and explain why any of it is not true?
I don't think you can.
leopold99, you forgot to include cfc`s and nukes as part of their contribution towards humanity
Have a look around, raven.

Do the non-Americans posting in this thread seem overly intelligent to you?
Do they sound particularly accepting of humanity, tolerant and equable?

While Satyr's generalisation may have been accurate, it does not pertain to Americans in particular. He might have been talking about any country, and been just as accurate.
Have a look around, raven.

Do the non-Americans posting in this thread seem overly intelligent to you?
Do they sound particularly accepting of humanity, tolerant and equable?

While Satyr's generalisation may have been accurate, it does not pertain to Americans in particular. He might have been talking about any country, and been just as accurate.
It’s called Globalization, which is nothing more than the spread of American stupidity around the world – the infection is spreading.
Granted there are many centers of human degradation, such as Islam, but let us focus first on our back yard.

Not only that but the thread starter was just begging for a good old reality check.
Let sleeping dogs lie...but when they begin verbally farting in their dream worlds someone should plug that infectious anal cavity before we all suffocate from the stench.

Yes, but Saty is a nasty Atheistic Communist, who seems to think that his superior culture has evolved to its current lofty status, so maybe he should explain all that to us.
You forgot, pinko-commie, atheist and yes, I’m also a faggot.

In your world of black and white what else could I be, little brain?
But despite my many degrading attributes I’m still not stupid, like you are, and for that I’m eternally grateful to my ancestors…the proud Polish people.

You know considering all the great contributions the U.S.A. has made over the centuries its recent production of a steady stream of imbeciles and morons, of which you and your compatriot supremebeingindeed are a wonderful example of, constitutes these contributions negated.

Tell supremebeingindeed about your Deluge beliefs….those are just too fucking funny.
I want to watch two retards exchange grunts, as if they were actually saying something.
Boy, its been a while and i Wasnt going to post. I was going to go to bed, until i happened to read like 6 pages of why Americans are so bad at Geography, the further i read the more the American Bashing heightens. It just gets my blood boiling when these individuals continually bash America and our people. You see it on the news and through countless articles of people always complaining about how where so badddddddd. These always find the negative in something we do, where always the bad guy. So my challenge to you all is to name some good things we have done. Id like to hear that for if change if you dont mind.:bawl:
Instead of complaining, maybe you should address why Americans are indeed so bad at geography. Maybe its time for you to get your head out of the sands. Geograpahy is not a difficult subject. I mean, as the last remaining super power in the world, and one of the world's best and most developed countries, it does seem stupid that the citizens can't address geography correctly. Just a thought, just a constructive thought.
Blame it on the public schools, they deliberately try to dumb down our youths.
And what a perfect example of that you are, little brain.

Teach us some more about reality, oh wise American mind.
Show us how Americans think.

Tell us about all the bad people in the black hats and about all those evil empires and all about the pyramids and the deluge.

Show us what you are worth.

Hey, did you know, little brain, that the distance from your ass to your elbow in millimeters - yes that damn metric system – is equal to the amount of brain cells you have in that skull of yours?

Here’s the thing, little brain, measuring systems are human inventions, or did God create those as well.
For instance an inch – coincidentally the length of your penis fully erect – is an arbitrary distance with no real meaning, since points are also human inventions.

What does all that mean?
That you are dead from the neck up.
We are all laughing at you…is that because we are jealous of you?
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Satyr, I want you to delegate to me, how the Proud People of Poland are a Higher Quality Individual in comparison to the People of the United States. I want you to show such proof, that no rational Human Being could Deny it without looking like a fool. The Allegations that you present, must be backed by Sound Evidence that is accesible to anyone via Internet so that all may see. Only then can you convince me. Because Once again, every Allegation that you've made thus far is based on your opinion, wheither it be against the American Public or for you're beloved Polish Country. Also, Once again, your comments on the American Public are unfounded, you havent conducted a Detailed Assessment on Millions of Americans and come to an Unbiased Conclusion. That is how you are wrong, plain as day you are wrong. You sit from your laptop spewing Mockery and Hatred of the Religous Preference of Millions of Individuals, what would your proud Polish people think of you?
Where, in the past, empires have attempted to remain powerful through force, the U.S.A. is doing it through Orwellian subtlety and soft-power; an empire built on the docility, inebriation and stupidity of its population trying to spread its ‘example’ across the globe and calling all resistance to it ‘evil’ or ‘terrorism’.
Succinctly put, Satyr, bringing to notice an incredibly contradictory construction in the prevailing American psyche: it prides itself and compares itself ad nauseam with the Roman Empire—yet—it is with the stuffy values of Christianity that the Roman Empire grew emasculated, got incredibly fat and decadent (nasty combination), and fell: morality turning in against itself then stinging itself—and in this day and age of the American Way: like a noxious scorpion stinging itself with collagen injections. Ha.
We do elect those who make these decisions, but the Teachers Union and the Darwinian Monolith are very powerful, the home schoolers are showing them how to do it, however.