Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.


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Is anyone allergic to it?


There is an abandoned plot of land (about 400 square meters) in our neighborhood, and it is overgrown with this weed.
Here in Europe, it is legally sanctioned to destroy it on all agricultural and non-agricultural areas. It has spread very much in the recent years.

This, morning, I pulled or cut the majority of those plants on that plot. Nobody else in the neighborhood wanted to do it, everyone is afraid of it.
I wore a nose-and-mouth protection mask, but I am sure I breathed in quite a bit. It is in high season, if you shake a plant, it's all dusty in the air from the pollen.

Supposedly, the pollen of this plant is one of the worst allergenes there is.
I don't have any signs, at least not yet. :p