Amazing Internet Discoveries (videos)

Nothing. What stops a private company from making their own hoax scanners for your cable box or toaster and selling them at a "premium pricing value?" Again, nothing.


who are you selling to ?

i like how you change the point of the comment to suit your own emotional flame intentions which you build up to.

Uh - no. That sentence looks like you strung together some words you saw on a Youtube video.
nice start
Pain management is still getting there.
oh but you fall back to your emotional plea to try and sell your propoganda.
"its all sooo awfuly complicated and sad, please dont look at my profit"

pathetic !
lol . . .. emotional flame intentions which you build up to. . . .emotional plea to try and sell your propoganda. . . pathetic !
Sorry, I mistook you for someone who wanted to talk about the technology of medical implants. But looks like you're just a run of the mill troll.

Happy trolling!
Hello again,

Back with more new science topics. At Soochow university in China, reseatchers are using Teng (triboelectric nanogenerator) and mounting that on a solar cell to power the cell from raindrop movement.

Is there something you would like to discuss? I don't want to watch your videos.

Hello everyone,

I have this week's episode is about turning air into gasoline using an older method but with cheap costs, powering wireless human implants, and the fatest current super computer called summit.

I know Summit has been talked about in the news a lot recently but I wanted to hop on that subject as well. I hope the video is of interest, and like before if anyone finds any errors or suggestions, please let me know.
Here's an idea. How bout we don't power wireless human implants, and live in freedom free from draconian governments.