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*** Pentagon/DOD monitoring installation internally vandalized by aliens leaving a "high tech" message for the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency...

For Immediate Distribution - July 16, 1999
(N E W Y O R K C I T Y, N E W Y O R K)
relevent website: http://www.orbsite.com

When scientists at the American Science Foundation were asked by a local computer company executive to analyze claims by a study team that some form of extraterrestrial life was using a "doorway" system of highly
resonant energy to covertly study humanity, they at first were skeptical.

After five months of analysis of the data, the scientists asked to perform the analysis, are no longer skeptical. http://www.orbsite.com

Studies of the so-called Vortex in Wanaque, NJ, has authenticated that the "doorway system" exists, and that it provides an unknown species or several unknowns, to travel reasonably without observation, all over the surface of our world.

The study has been documented by a rapidly organized study team, which has captured stereo-optic and infra red images of the beings using the "doorway" (called by the team "the Vortex") to enter our world, travel
here observing us, and then leaving.

The technology at use is extremely stealthy, beyond anything in the US Pentagon's arsenal. And it hasn't escaped the Pentagon's attention, either: as the ASF Study Team (called TEAM ORB) observes the strange
Vortex, and follows and films and catalogs the Orb-like evidence of the alien species travels around our planet, the Pentagon is also watching.

A study team set up by the Department of Defense, recently placed a permanent installation of observation and monitoring equipment jointly at the Vortex location, to collect images of the strange comings and
goings of the beings using the Orb Doorway System. After only two weeks, the insides of the recording equipment were found to have been pulverized by Pentagon experts watching the Vortex and watching the American Science Foundations' TEAM ORB, but the equipment was unopened, and the Pentagon is at a loss to determine how their equipment was damaged only on its insides without being opened.

"The Beings did it," said Team Orb members, "they were quite angry that we inadvertantly caused the Pentagon and the NSA to bring in heavy equipment to study THEM, but now they seem to have gotten over it. Apparently, the aliens went up to the Pentagon's equipment installation and used some form of technology on it, to leave a message for the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency. They are very much against war and intrigue, these beings!"

TEAM ORB has recently received numerous offers of funding by high tech firms interested in receiving the benefit of the scientific studies of the Vortex and the Beings who use the Orb Doorway System to observe and study humanity.

"If TEAM ORB can produce enough information about how the Vortex Doorway System works, imagine the benefits," stated George Gemmiel, an AT&T Executive who was one of the several parties interested in the device and expressed interest to TEAM ORB. "I am keenly interested in the study, as we at AT&T were recently made aware of the Doorway, and have
independently verified that the Orbs are real, are under intelligent control, and appears to be a form of technology. But whatever controls it does not appear to like us up there with our equipment, unlike how
TEAM ORB is treated: their team members are welcomed by these objects everytime they visit. We hope to interest TEAM ORB in a technology exchange agreement."

TEAM ORB had recently offered to take the Orbs and the beings using them on "field trips" to NASA, the US Government, and the Vatican, offers which as of yet have not been responded to.

The American Science Foundation team has been highly successful in standing off all debunkers, by providing authentication of their film study method and by taking various members of the public to the Vortex where they are enabled to take their own photos of this remarkable find.

"Humanity may not be ready for this discovery," stated a TEAM ORB lead investigator, Bryan Williams, who was one of the original discoverers of the Vortex Doorway System. "But, apparently these beings, or whatever they are, are ready for Humanity. I think we have no option but to open up a relationship with them and educate ourselves as to who they are and what they want."

---- http://www.orbsite.com
More incredible lameness from Jack Shulman and his compulsive liar set of personalities.

Ladies and gentlemen, this guy is a malevolent fruitcake. Don't believe a word he says.

Okay.. so what is this all about.. That post didnt sound too credible if you ask me, but what do i know?
Who is this guy? You seem to know him..

"All i say is keep looking".
Try describing him as he really is - which involves an explicit insult, since he's a nasty piece of work - and give him your real name and address. You'll never hear the last of it, and you may even find papers served on you by the court.

Vindictive, malicious, lying, looking for suckers, and above all has no life.

But apart from that, he's a really swell guy.

Hey this could be the proof were looking for, or maybe not, I mean those pictures could be easily made, but why would they go to all this trouble for a hoax. And why wouldn't they make half-way decent hoax pictures.

They have looked
Why would he go to all that trouble for a hoax? Bwahaha!!!

That's all he DOES, is why.

Go to his website and read all about the T-Crap. This has been going on for over two years. Having all been insulted, pilloried and often banned from the BBS for asking innocent quesions, 99.999% have left.

These days, he talks mostly to himself.
Except when he's sueing people.
Be careful!

My sincere condolences. And thanks for the fair and timely warning!

Appreciated your comment.
However, he never caught up with me.
Others were not so lucky, I'm afraid. :(
Even I know lens flare, chromatic distortion, and water on a lens when I see it.

One picture fascinated me, though, which was a blurry "Orb in motion". Cute. I could reproduce that one with the specific chromatic distortions with a halogen light and a string.

Anyway, I wish the poster would do one of the following: stop besmirching otherwise compelling research into Ufo phenomena; start writing Vonnegut-style novels; go to work for the Fox network writing "documentaries". If he pulled off all three, hey, it's a pretty good American life.


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