Allergy Protest


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This is the latest round of debates on the peanut butter allergy issue in schools. Parents have finally had enough in this case where all the classmates have to wash their hands and mouth twice a day because this one little girl has a life threatening allergy to peanuts. My issue with the allergy debate is, this only protects them for a 1/3 of the day. We're sheltering them so much, what happens when they are out of school and in the real world, especially when they graduate. It's not going to bend over for them like school does. What are they going to do, as all employees to rinse their hands and wash their mouth out twice a day? I think not. Restaurants post warnings that shell fish and peanuts might be present in the food, but they don't stop serving them.
Where did all these new allergies come from? I'm mystified. Anyone in the Middle Ages who was allergic to wheat, for example, would have died a couple of weeks after being weaned, because there wasn't much of anything else to eat.

In the 1950s nobody was allergic to wheat, peanuts, dogs or cats. The kids from poor families would have starved without peanut butter.
Then why aren't people allergic to them instead of cats and peanuts?

I believe that many of our medical problems that we are afflicted with today are caused by these. They tell us that other things are creating our problems but I really think these chemicles are more to blame for our sicknesses than they want us to believe.
Where did all these new allergies come from? I'm mystified. Anyone in the Middle Ages who was allergic to wheat, for example, would have died a couple of weeks after being weaned, because there wasn't much of anything else to eat.

You've answered 99% of your question yourself - they didn't survive to pass along their allergies. The other 1% is due to environmentally induced sensitivity. And since we can NOW make allowances for that, they survive and breed - and their progeny survives and breeds (rinse and repeat). The same is true with many other undesirable traits - mental illnesses being another example.
There is another theory read. That is that we are using so much bleach, disinfectants and antibotics that we arnt getting the minor infections. Therefore the immune system atacks things it shouldn't and overreacts. This is backed up by the fact that kids with dogs and cats and country kids are less likely to have alergies.

Also for the person who wondered about the "real world" 2 points
1 adults can control there own environment better and can self inject adrenilin and get the ambos on the way better than teachers in a primary school/kindergarten

2 most alergies get less servere as kids grow up, especially penut alergies
Good ! Good answers . Life is to sterile if you ask Me and getting pin worms helps . Everybody needs them at least once in there life . Now I read years ago that Marko Polo ate a tape worm before he left on his magnificent journey , drank his fill of the Nile and ate all kinds of exotic foods that would kill the common European and never did get dysentery. When he got back home he ate strychnine " killed the tape worm and pooped out and 8 ft. worm . Rough way to go if you ask Me , but hey I don't think he worried about rolling around in the dirt to much .
Why do we have allergies? Quite possibly because we don't have intestinal parasites anymore:

But there's also immunotoxicants...which may give us surprises, as untested things do when we eat/drink/breathe them in combinations not lab-tested:
Long live intestinal parasites . Eat yogurt with live critters . Not the crunchy ones , but the smooth ones . They taste better
Bacteria are not animals or "critters." They have their own kingdom, like the animals, plants, fungi, algae and archaea do. (The archaea may comprise multiple kingdoms; they haven't been studied very well yet.)

I was talking about grub worms instead of grasshoppers . Just Jiven . I was talking about live cultures, just not in that of a scientific way. I think the human is to sheltered from the dirt of the earth . Not as many people get there hands dirty anymore and living like that makes you more susceptible to allergies . The old treatment was to give you shots of the things you are allergic to. I don't know if that is still a treatment for I walked out of my personal treatments back in 1984. Grass allergy , Tree allergy and Mold . Living in California was hell in the spring for Sacramento is known as the land of trees . The variety is unbelievable. When I moved to Montana my allergies went bye bye black bird . I got a little touch right now , but nothing bad like California in the spring where I would live on actifed this time of year . Montana has had more than usual rain fall and it is what I attribute the allergic reactions to ( Ahchooo) . More growth from the rainfall