Allergies and Grad: Please help.


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Basically, I've come down with what I think is an allergic reaction-- extremely runny nose, watery eyes, sore throat, feel like shit. I went to the 'barber' and I couldn't believe what I saw in his big looked like I had smoked a cold pound and rubbed my face with a deep dish pizza. Awful.

Grad is tomorrow morning. I'd like to be able to sit the entire 4 hours without having to carry a kleenex in my left hand. And I'd also like my picture to look half decent.

Are there any quick cures you can recommend? Any special medecines? I took some kind of allergy pill a few hours ago, and it helped a little, but its not enough. Too late to go to the doctor now :m:
Flonase did wonders for me and I had all the symptoms you described. I was reluctant but I finally took it after realizing that my years of runny nose wasn't a 24/7 -365 cold.
Is Flonase over the counter?
I know that Claritin is available over the counter. It works well for me. The generic version seems to work just as well for me, and saves some money. The active ingredient to look for is Loratadine.
Thanks for the advice, guys.

I took some of the same stuff from yesterday, and my symptoms were much better. Gonna see the doctor today and hopefully he can prescribe me something like flonase to completely wipe it out- I still have the banquet to get well for and its going to be 100x more fun if I'm healthy. But Why? They're screening game #6 of the stanley cup finals, and if the flames win, I'll need to be able to celebrate out in the street too :). Good times....
Flonase will do it in a matter of few hours. Once you take it regularly for a week or 2 you don't need to even take after that...just snort a hit when you feel the need to after wards. When shit starts acting up and is about to hit the fan, it's a great release flem it all (get it? flem..Flem?..huh, huh?....ok I am sorry :( )
I bought some claritin on recommendation from the pharmacist, and I gotta tell you, I'm feeling much better :) No offense to your flonase, I'm sure its great.

Have you ever tried claritin?
Yeah...f**ked me wait, that was Allegra, holy Christ my thorat felt like sand paper the morning after. Never went back to the stuff.
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