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You may understand there are two elements everytime in opposition in the universe:
Particules of Light/Darkness
Positive energy/Negative energy
Positive fields/Negative fields
Electron + / 'Electron' - : Neutrons
Time compression / Time expansion

There is only something in between which is not the center but the equilibration of both...

-Mr. Newton's equation from World Enterprises.-

2n = 1 (n = Time Variable) 2 = 2 variables : (forward + backward)
32L = Eophis Variable / "Eophis" = Light acceleration
Let's choose "32" as an example
L (example) = 100.000 km/s
6 = Total Number of max dimensions contained in the Universe
X 200k (X= distance variable) (200k = mass of the object in kg)
3.14 = 1 infinity in the universe
2n x 32L + (X meters)(200k) - root/racine carre of 3.14 divided by 6
= 64n +(X meters)(200k) - root of 3.14 divided by 6
Now, X reference = 1
= (remark the beautiful equilibration in this number)

640064 x 200 - root of 3.14

= 128012800 - 1.77
= 2133633,0383 = addition of Time X Eophis =
2 + 32 = 34
Then, 2133633,0383 = 34
At 2133633,0383 time expansion
is corresponding :
34 = time compression.
Then do you agree with me that a 200 kg object is making 2 133 633, 0383 meters in 34 seconds of
Speed-Light acceleration....passing through a Gate...?
0r 2133, 633 Km in 34 seconds?

Understand now that the Maximum mass of an object is limited and that passing this limit there is a risk of
implosion inside the gate.
Limit is : 36 000 Kg.
This is why Aliens use a very strong but not heavy material to built there SpaceCrafts from generations.
This material is based on Tungsten and a white liquid or powder translucid which is solidificating the
material that can support a pression of 100.000 milibars per cm.
The Speed acceleration will not exeed 340.
340 x 36 000 divided by 6 dimensions = 20 40000 m/s for 1Kg = 2040 km/h per second.
for a 20 kg object = 40800 km/h ; you can now imagine how fast goes a Space Pyramidios; even able to
reverse time.
also remember we have 60 minutes in an hour corresponding to the Silver number 6.
7 is for God/Gold number and 8 for the Universal infinity.
Also there is a variable we don't have to forget; it is K.
K is tracing time back and forward passing thru the Gates.
We can control K to an absolut "0" which is the center of the crossfade made by the Gates. This control that
I'll explain later is made to not affect external Time and internal Clock of the travelers.
At this point energy's mass is changing: electrons are moving from their imanent layers to other places. All
the composed atoms passing thru the Gate can be permuted and restructured the state they've been before at
the outside. The time values they got permutted enters through a computer board program which enables the
Ship to be sent at any point of the Universe for this reason:
Deep-High frequencies are setted adressed close to Light value in the universe. A pulsar, for example, is a
Balistic response for the computer like when auto-pilotes Virtual Active Systems (VSA)-(NASA) have been
taken under control of a central tower. Every Pulsar is emetting in different sources-directions many
different stable high-freq. The board computers are calculating the way like a Sextant does onto a Sea-Ship.
Imminent layers places are infinite; they define each

ISS (Intelligent SolarSystems) locations into the Universe.

Note: Space-Crafts of such a dimension are used to transport space-teams of a minimum

of 500 board-entities.

1 Alien Reptilian = 34,3 kg Min.

SpaceCraft ever built = 21000 kg Max.
Onto Board =
1.No food : All products needed can be replicated.
2. 221 L. of Water on board.
Max 557 Places CrysoÔds-Tubs. Passengers are asleeped when the Gate is Opening.
Dimensions 1, 32 meters high; 35 to 40 cm large.
Gate entries are made possible after leaving Planets Attraction.
My French is a bit rusty...but:


If you are purporting to show a mathematical derivation, you are supposed to <u>explain</u> the initial assumptions, and show the intermediate steps! (Not to mention avoiding substitution of actual numbers until a final formula is derived!) And, if you are indeed writing in English, you should at least try to make your writings readable by English-speakers!!! And: what's all that about gateways, again?

I am; therefore I think.
I have just read though your equation (its a little hard to read) but I have already found a few small flaws..1. the max number of dimensions is 7.. or at least if you use the dimensional theory as a basis(you have heard of that haven't you?) 2nd second the ships don't have to worry about weight, mainly because the use negetive gravity fields (which brings there mass to practally nothing)..I hope this of help Yours zygos

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My dear friends thank you for your remarks !
They might help me !!
Once again I am not a mathematician.
My equation is week from this part of the job.
Consider it as better than a dream.
Even Einstein's equations were the point of a great divagation to be conceptual at the end.
Yes I am french I tried my best only.
I rather am a visionary.

I know that the 7 dimenion are not easily know So I shall briefly go over them starting from the 3rd
3rd width, height, length
4th when is it
5th where is it in your space "the ball is on the table"
6th where in space "the ball is moving 68,000 miles per hour on the earth
7th. what dimention"the ball is rotaing on a planet within dimention 276"

Yours zygos
thank you zygos for that most revealing glimpse into the workings of the cosmos...erm your mind...erm your ...erm...well, words fail me.

would you like fries with that?

What do you mean "would I like fries with that" I haven't ordered yet

Think what you will friend, but until you include the dimensional theory (which adds the 7th dimention) you will never work out how alien spacecraft work.
Yours zygos
I agree that Ahkros may well be a visionary. However, I'm sure if he actually took his medication on time there would be less of a problem.

Regarding the comparison with Einstein, while his final equations came from his extremely powerful and creative mind, they were BASED ON MATHEMATICAL REALITY!


Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.
-Mark Twain
HIs maths also said that the universe is not expanding but refused to believe them. Modern physicists show an expanding universe. His maths proved one thing but his instinct was something else. Just because there is a mathematical proof for something does not prove it will or has happened. It can be proved mathematically that Castro's beard could strangle him but it won't happen. Mathemaical proofs are theories.

Anyway, the current thinking on red shift is incorrect. A whole lot of new calculations are being erm calculated.
"No amount of theorising can prove me right when a single experiment can prove me wrong" Einstein, 1927.

You know it to be so
What about Nils Bohr? Everyone forgets he received an nobel prize for
physics and yet is forgotten by the americA obsessed.

Anyone seen the play Copenhagen? For those that have not, it is based on
the diaries on Bohr's wife and details a meeting between Bohr and Heisenberg
(I forget the spelling so sorry), his mentor in Copenhagen shortly before the
out break of WW2. In the play -based on truth-Heisenberg tells of Germany's plans
for nuclear weapons and urges Bohr leave Denmark- he does. Heisenberg then says how far
Germany has come and plans to go back and do his best to HALT progression, which
he succeeds in doing.

Interesting play. Heisenberg had the means and know how to develop nuclear weapons
but curiously his country did not manufacture them - why? Did he hinder the research by faking results. Perhaps?

Whether true or not, and it is "based on truth" but in a non-hollywood way. It is curious.....and one of the most important unanswered questions of this century.

You know it to be so
Bollocks, Bollocks, Bollucks.

Matt, my friend what does this play have to do with the post at hand?


Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.
-Mark Twain
Why hello there Xeno. How are your wrists? You should realise by now that we have too many vertebrae and it cannot be done. Get a girlfriend will you?

You know it to be so