Aether Wave Theory - a new approach to the contemporary physics understanding

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The Aether foam forming the vacuum is interesting by another point: it's not optimized to just the dispersive energy spreading, but even to inertial, i.e. highly causual energy flux, spreading in waves (the wave is the most atemporal, inertial and deterministic sort of energy). We can consider the vacuum as a sort of ideal metamaterial or boson condensate.

Many metamaterials are formed by spongy or foamy materials, the size of its cavities is tuned well for wavelength of microwaves and observable light. This results into negative refraction index, unfortunately in quite narrow range of wavelength in most cases. Simply because the cavities of such material are fixed, so they remain tuned to quite narow range of energy wave frequencies.


By AWT the vacuum is formed by dense particle system, filled/formed by foamy density fluctuations like condensing supercritical foam. From this point of view isn't very surprising, the vacuum is behaving like metamaterial too, focusing the energy waves into particles, so called the bosons. Because the foam gets dense during shaking by decreasing its bubbles, the vacuum is behaving as a "tunable" autoadaptive metamaterial, well optimized to the non-dissipative energy spreading at the distance in surprisingly wide range of wavelengths. Only the microwave (< 10E-6 eV) and TeV (>10E+12 eV) gamma radiation is undergoing the dispersion followed by Lorentz invariance violation. This enables us to observe the most distant light sources without dispersiona and/or dissipative attenuation.

While the AWT is inertia concept based, this insight gives us clue about probabilistic nature of Universe, whose geometry follows from trivial optimization task: under which density and geometry of density gradients we will be able to see as most (of these causal gradients) from the Universe, as possible?

We can compare this task to the observation inside of dense foam. If the foam will be too dense, we will not see many of foam fluctuations because of dispersion at the distance. If the foam will be too sparse, the visibility would be good, but we will not see many particles anyway. So here's some optimal concentration (and supposedly the shape) of foam gradients, which enables us to see as huge Universe, as possible. The compexity of solution of such simple task is increased by the fact, these density gradients are serving as an environment for information/energy spreading, i.e. both like the subject, both like mean of observation.

Currently it's not quite clear, whether the apparent optimization of the observable reality with respect to the causual energy and information spreading at the distance has some deeper reason, or whether it's just a trivial consequence of the anthropocentric principle: the Universe appears so, or it wouldn't be so huge and transparent for us. For example, the dumb animals doesn't care about vacuum and distant objects very much, so from perspective of such creatures the Universe appears a substantially poorer conductor of information, then for us - their Universes are quite limited. They simply doesn't care, most of Universe is formed by highly transparent vacuum with specific properties, what they can realize is just a highly dispersive Aether forming the particles of matter, not the vacuum or black holes.

As usually, we can expect, both these assumptions are dual in certain sense and therefore true at the same moment, depending on the observational perspective. But some deeper & more thorough analysis is definitelly necessary here.
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With lengthy posts less than a minute apart Zephir and Reiku are most likely the same person. I smell sock puppet.
Connection betweem geodesics of GR and the Fermat theorem of optics

One of most significant results of relativity is, the objects are moving in spacetime along fastest path available, so called the geodesics. Doesn't such theorem sounds familiar for us? Of course, it's well known Fermat theorem, which basically says, the light is spreading in optical inhomogeneous material along the fastest way available. Note that the Fermat theorem is special case of Huyghens principle, which is furthermore the special case of principle of least action.


This effectively renders the inertial motion in the gravitational field as a Hamiltonian flow without presence of external forces, i.e. in the realm of Newtonian mechanics, which is most apparent at the case of so-called the gravitational lensing. We can say, the Earth is moving in the gravitational field like huge overgrown photon droplet through optically inhomogeneous matter. And this is exactly, what the gravitational field is: it's a density gradient of Aether, i.e. the gradient of mass/energy concentration of the material stuff, forming the vacuum and the matter is a dense cluster of standing waves of it.

Note that this concept can be generalized recursively, so we can consider the generalized version of Fermat principle: both energy, both matter is spreading along extremal path of curve integral through space-time, whose curvature at the long scale is caused by nested deformations at the Planck scale. From this model the Feynman's concept of path integrals follows, which connect the quantum mechanics with general relativity: the quantum phenomena can be considered as a results of super-gravitational lensing at the Planck scale. The AWT explains this behavior by probabilistic character of Aether fluctuations spreading in the chaotic field of Aether.

Furthermore, the analogy of Fermat principle at the water surface and the geodesics concept of 4D space-time leads to the general definition of space-time and time dimensions. By AWT the space-time is formed by Aether mass/energy density gradient to be able to serve for the energy wave spreading by the same way, like the density gradient at the water surface. And the time dimension is the direction normal to this gradient. After then the geodesics concept follows exactly the Fermat principle concept of inertial environment.
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Because the expansion of Universe is equivalent to time dilatation, all distances inside of our universe expands, so every energy spreading slows down gradually. By Aether Wave Theory the same effect can be interpreted by the model of gradually collapsing star, forming the vacuum environment. If the Universe gets more dense, the energy is moving more slowly gradually and all distances inside of such Universe will expand. I suppose, such explanation is much more easier to realize from physical perspective, then model of dots on the expanding balloon (albeit such model has a relevancy from even deeper perspective of brane cosmology, as we can explain later)

It means, if Universe expands, then every energy spreading slows down, then the speed of light and gravity slows down too. If we compare the speed of Universe expansion with respect of the contemporary speed of light, we will see, the Universe expansion accelerates.

But this is not all. If the vacuum gets dense, we can expect, it collapses by different speed, then the more dense matter inside it. The density of matter and vacuum will level mutually. It means, the matter is surrounded by larger concentration gradient, the gravitation force radius increases. The gravity gets stronger, which effectively means, the gravitational constant in history was substantially weaker in history, then by now.


Can such extrapolations have some observational consequences? Of course they can, because both light, both gravity is spreading inside of our Universe by limited speed. Therefore we can compare the gravitational force of very distant objects. which were separated by Universe expansions. This results into violation of gravitation force at large distances with respect of Newton law. Such violation is the subject of Modified Newtonian dynamics, so called the MOND theory, which is trying to explain the shape and rotational curves of stars inside galaxies and some other dark matter effects by nonlinear gravitational force, which gets weaker with the age/distance.

Of course, here are many other consequences of the time varying gravitational constants, which affects the other fundamental physical constants too. Another consequence is the I still don't really buy it..[/QUOTE]"]Expanding Earth theory or the latest observation of dilatation of losing mass iridium prototype. Another consequence is the gradual decreasing of the supernovae brightening magnitude, when compared with the CMB observations. This is because inside of more dense vacuum the properties of matter and vacuum are much more close each other, so that the effect of supernovae explosions is less pronounced. These supernovae are used as so called "standard candles" for estimations of distances and age of our Universe. The correction would lead to the considerable increasing of the age and size of our Universe.
By AWT the time is real dimension, I mean real at least by the same way, like the space dimensions. For example, the fact the matter is moving through spacetime along geodesics (fastest path in relativity) is the exact analogy of photon motion along fastest path in optics, because the particle of matter is just an energy wave of spacetime and the time is just another compacted space dimension.


For example, for 2D model of space-time formed by water surface the time dimension is the spatial coordinate perpendicular to the water surface. Therefore the water surface can serve as an physically relevant model of 3D spacetime. Note that this space-time R-1/R transform can be interpreted as a Lisi Garett's rotation. I'd recommend you to become familiar with such perspective, or you wouldn't be able to imagine any phenomena in higher dimensions as well.
Time is one of space-time dimensions, i.e. the directions, by which are gradients of mass/energy density of environment are defined.


Note that the life on particularly stable spacetime brane implies the existence of pair conjugated time dimensions (1, 2, 3, 4).
With lengthy posts less than a minute apart Zephir and Reiku are most likely the same person. I smell sock puppet.

Nahh... It's clear that English isn't zephir's first language---he makes typical non-native enlish speaking mistakes. And the IP addresses are different.
The animation bellow is illustrating, how the holographic concept arises in the realm of Aether Wave Theory. By this theory the reality is formed by density fluctuations of Aether (i.e. by the "quantum strings", if such concept sounds more familiar for you - which I'm in doubt about). And these fluctuations can be interpreted as the result of projection of another waves by space-time manifolds (Aether density gradients) existing in higher dimensions.


This is because all the density fluctuations of Aether are nested mutually and the undulating surface of fluctuation at certain hierarchy level can serve as a projection plane for energy waves formed at the another hierarchy levels, mutually. You can imagine, every density fluctuation inside of dense liquid sphere (black hole, for example) appears as a result of surface waves projection from outside of such sphere. By more formal words, every conformal field perturbation can be intepreted as a result of R-1/R projection of AdS wave on the space-time boundary (the result of quantum tunelling of Universe of Planck size through 2D surface), and vice-versa. Such approach can explain, why the maximal entropy of every finite space volume is related to it's surface area, not the volume itself (compare the famous Hawking formula for black-hole entropy - from which the relation m=c^3.t/G follows).

Despite of this, I can found the holographic principle as a somewhat artistic concept, just because every hologram is material thing and as such rather unnecessary level of Aether abstraction. Most of people are unable to realize even the function of simple hologram in 3D, not to say in higher dimensions. BTW You can met with nice practical application of the above priciple here.
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Awesome...I will have to follow up on this thread when there is more time!!!
There is an aether... a quantum aether.

I can tell you more about its history if you want... or just look it up in the encylcopedia in which i imprinted work on this.
There is an aether... a quantum aether..
A large number of Aether models was postulated already (the "quantum aether", "Maxwell's Aether", "Einsteinian Aether" and some others).

We should define some smallest common denominator of Aether concept at first to decide, what the Aether is and what cannot be. For example, I've no problem with Aether concept, which is dependent on quantum mechanics - but how we can be perfecty sure, none of quantum mechanics postulates violates the concept of inertial environement?
...The quantum however, is needed...
If it's possible to observe the quantum wave phenomena in mechanical systems, then it should be possible to generalize such phenomena for every mechanical system of the same geometry. It's the geometry, what makes the mechanical system the quantum one, not the postulates. The Aether Wave Theory explains the quantum wave behavior by foamy structure of Aether.

By AWT the universe is formed by random field of Aether density fluctuations, the geometry which appears somewhat transformed for us, though. Because the space-time is perceived via energy spreading and the energy spread via gradients preferably, the volume of transition areas (density gradients) appears greatly enhanced from human perspective and they're forming large volumes of vacuum. Whereas the volume or density fluctuations appears heavily shrinked into massive bodies and rounded into approximately spherical shapes of black holes, stars and planets and their random character manifest itself in their mass only.

The 3D space appears greatly enhanced in such model because of geometry rules for energy spreading. At the case of multidimensional spheres just the 3D hyperspheres can form the most compact arrangement, i.e. the arrangement with highest surface/volume ratio. This leads to the highest complexity of just 3D space-time and richness of Platonic solids.


Together with Aether density the complexity of density perturbation is fluctuating and it can reach the levels, at which the intelligent creatures are occasionally formed, this idea is usually called the Boltzmann brain, although it was addressed by his assistant by Boltzmann himself. Note, that the concept of human brain and universe as a thermal fluctuation relies on the concept of inertial environment again - so it cannot serve for replacement of Aether theory, being rather direct consequence of it.

We should remember, the randomness of Universe is the dual side of the complexity of its arrangement - i.e. the Universe will appear always as complex and intelligently constructed for us, as random, huge and chaotic it really is.
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I do have a problem with the Boltzmann model of the brain however. Even though it seems like an exotic idea to say that ''things are the way they are, simply because,'' is just an easy way to say that nothing has any providence. When i look at the reflection of consciousness, i don't see chance.
...When i look at the reflection of consciousness, i don't see chance.
When the particle is moving through Aether by AWT, it sniffs for the density gradients like bacteria for food while avoiding obstacles, it makes a number of quantum mechanics "attempts" and it's behaving like tiny primitive organism. The random character of such behavior follows from influence of many surrounding particles and multilateral interactions in many hidden dimensions.

The human behavior is exactly the same from the perspective of our animal pets. When we are moving across city, our motion appears random and unpredictable, being influenced by many congruent motivations at the same moment.

The human consciousness is only illusion of human consciousness.
You know...

He once posted the exact same survey on another forum, and got much the same result. (not to mention made much the same spelling errors).

And yes, English is nor Zephirs first language.
You know....
Try to write down some new theory in Czech language - we'll see and we can compare the results...;) The problem of many opponents is, they've never considered super-symmetric situation/solution.
For example, many people have thought the Aether as a thin, sparse gas - but who considered the Aether as some heavy dense matter? Is that a reason not to consider such model just because the mainstream science has omitted it?
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For example, many people have thought the Aether as a thin, sparse gas - but who considered the Aether as some heavy dense matter? Is that a reason not to consider such model just because the mainstream science has omitted it?

Well, for starters, the idea makes little or no sense, especially when you consider ideas like the transfer of energy from the aether to objects within the aether.