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I live in the UK and suffer from chronic fatigue. I would like to try Adderall but its not available in the UK. Is there anywhere that I could buy this safely?

dderall has a high potential for abuse. Taking Adderall for long periods of time may lead to extreme emotional and physical dependence.

Taking Adderall differently than how your doctor prescribes it may cause sudden death and serious heart problems. In general, Adderall should not be used in children or adults with heart defects.

People diagnosed with psychosis who take Adderall may be at higher risk for worsened behavior and thinking problems.

It is not known if long-term use of Adderall will suppress growth in children. Therefore, your doctor should monitor the growth and weight gain of your child.

People with moderately or severely high blood pressure should not take Adderall. If you have mildly high blood pressure and take Adderall, talk to your doctor about monitoring your blood pressure and pulse.

People diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome who take Adderall may be at higher risk for worsened motor and phonic tics (tics that affect movements and sounds).

Adderall may impair your ability to perform potentially dangerous activities, such as operating machinery or driving vehicles.