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This thread contains action notes pertaining to the Religion subforum. Included are post edits and deletions, thread deletions and transfers, and other major actions undertaken by the moderators. Warnings and suspensions may be noted, though not necessarily by name.

Spam thread deletions will not be included in this record.

The thread serves as a record for the membership to observe. It is closed to comment; any inquiries or criticism should be directed to the acting authority via Private Message. The administration may, on occasion, override the moderator, but the reverse simply does not happen. If an action is taken by a higher authority, the lower authority cannot directly override that decision.
Major demolition

• "if you believe in God, sound off here!" — Twenty-four posts deleted as off-topic; two posts edited to scrub moderated material.

Note: This episode does not represent one of the finer moments of Sciforums. Self-proclaimed geniuses should not endeavor to prove themselves idiots.

Really, that was flat-out embarrassing, people.
Closure and redirect

• "Update: Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy" — Closed and redirected to Cesspool.

Note: Members have long enjoyed the bogus privilege of dressing up their bigotry in the vestments of some current buzz issue. If these issues are important, they merit reasonable discussion in their own context. If, however, these issues only serve as fodder for exploitation in pursuit of a bigoted end, well, that's all they are—and they will be regarded appropriately.
Closure and Redirect

• "The Final Countdown Video Series" — Closed and redirected to Cesspool.

Note: Rabidly bigoted spam isn't the best way to introduce yourself to this community. Indeed, it's a good way to get bounced.

More sympathetically, however, I would suggest that people need to realize that "easy" evangelism in the form of C&P hate propaganda simply isn't effective. Perhaps some have better intentions and intelligence than their actions suggest; hell, nobody's perfect, after all. But, no, one does no favors for their cause through boneheaded transmission of bargain-bin idiocy.
Closure and Redirect

• "Exciting Facts" — Thread closed and redirected to the Cesspool.

Note: This sort of religious spam is neither useful nor welcome at Sciforums.
Closure and redirect

• "Hell is for atheists" — Thread closed and redirected to Cesspool.

Note: I can't imagine what purpose this kind of thread is intended to serve. Well, okay, I can. But you really don't want me making that determination.

"God is 'dead'" — Thread closed for general silliness.

Note: When is silly too silly? In truth, I would prefer we not test that threshold.
"Art" — Closure and redirect to Cesspool.

Note: Drive-by posting, lazy posting, call it what you will. We actually disdain this form of post at Sciforums, but would really, really rather not start throwing actual flags over this question. Member contributions must be greater than pasting a link and clicking post. A link without any comment? Pictures without any notes whatsoever? This isn't Facebook. This isn't Twitter. We actually do have expecations for our members, that they should be capable of doing more than drooling on their computers in ritual zomie devotion to the Zuck.
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