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This thread contains action notes pertaining to the Biology & Genetics subforum. Included are post edits and deletions, thread deletions and transfers, and other major actions undertaken by the moderators. Warnings and suspensions will be noted, though not necessarily by name.

Spam thread deletions will not be included in this record.

The thread serves as a record for the membership to observe. It is closed to comment; any inquiries or criticism should be directed to the acting authority via Private Message. The administration may, on occasion, override the moderator, but the reverse simply does not happen. If an action is taken by a higher authority, the lower authority cannot directly override that decision.
Thread Xfer

I've sent an incomprehensible thread to the Cesspool. 'Nuff said.
"Questions about Immunization"

Moved to Conspiracies.

Please keep conspiracy woo woo and quackery out of the actual science sub-forums. It isn't welcome here.
"Why does GOD pick and choose who to screw over?"↗ ― Closed and redirected to Cesspool.

Notes: There is, of course, a small list of things we might note amiss with the thread, but the one we ought to reiterate is that sexually violent rhetoric just doesn't often have a useful place in any discourse. On the days that it does, we'll figure out how to deal with that. Otherwise, skip it.
"Is Gay sex is a deformity? Is Homosexuality is a deformity?"↗ ― Thread closed and redirected to Cesspool.

Note: Look, coming out is one of the toughest decisions one can make. To the one it makes a tremendous difference in ways hard to imagine. To the other, yeah, it's true, some time later you'll think back and wonder what all the fuss was, but don't ever let that inspire regret for having not gotten 'round to it sooner. There is much sympathy in the world around us, but it is never constructive to go about it by calling such negative attention to oneself.
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