Accounting irregularities at Bell Canada


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I just saw the news where Bell Canada screwed up someones pre-authorized payment to the tune of over $200. A month ago Bell Canada disconnected my phone service for the 4th time in 6 months for unknown reasons, and increased my DSL bill by 12 percent. I cancelled my Call Answer service and my bill is now $20 less per month, even though I thought the service was only costing me $7 per month.

Considering the problems with Nortel, Worldcom, etc. this is very suspicious, in fact IMO blatently fraudulent. Is anyone else out there having trouble with Bell Canada?
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my mom has her cell phone and her home phone on the same bill.... except she gets one bill for her phone + home and one for her home phone +cell. and so we keep getting out long distance shut off for not payng them.. i think most of its worked out now though.. i hope its done soon, im sick of using phone cards.
When I was a teenager, just getting out on my own, I rented a 3 room apt. 3 light bulbs, 1 fan, a guitar amp and a refridge. I got a light bill for $1600! Like to have freaked. It was a case of misbilling and they quickly rectified it.

Have you ever noticed how many times you get billed for a call you didn't make? Somewhere that you don't know people? Happens all the time. I am constantly calling to get them to take off calls that no one made. This sounds like a bit of chicanary to me. It isn't once in a while, its every bill. Most of the time there are also directory charges in the bill. Me, I use the phone book and the internet directory not calling an operater to find out a number.
Well i've just recieved a phone bill of about $1200 (not canadion operator though), wonder what they'll come up with :)

ps. i do not call that much
we usually get a ahandful of calls to detroit on the bill, but i used to just assume they were my b/f's calls, maybe now i will watch more closely..... :eek:
$300 is still quite a bill. I would hate to know that I would have to meet that every month. I think it is the monthly bill that I would hate the most.
It's of 2 months and there are alot of international calls on it
I just have to start talking to people who live closer i guess :D
Me being in Germany, believe it or not, it's cheaper to call the U.S. than the twon five miles away.