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I like Marcus Aurelius, but I've never heard of Mizra Ghalib. I googled him, and came across a quote about how the drop of rain is happy in the river. I also found:

which wasn't all that helpful.

Mirza Assadullah Khan "Ghalib" (Ghalib being his takhallus or nom de plume) is one of the best philosopher poets of all time. He wrote mainly in Urdu, but also in Persian and his poetry is difficult, unique and tantalising, because every time you read it, you realise there is yet another way to interpret his words.


Thats the first shair in his Diwan-e-Ghalib, or anthology.

It is written in his typical dual style and could be a ghazal on the listlessness of God or his tormented love.
I fear my translations may not do him justice.:)
As a ghazal usually is, it a series of couplets (ashar) around a theme.

naqsh fariyaadii hai kis kii shoKhii-e-tahariir kaa
kaaGazii hai pairahan har paikar-e-tasviir kaa

Against whose playful writing do the words plead
Papery is the countenance of every image

kaave-kaave saKht_jaanii haaye tanhaaii na puuchh
subah karanaa shaam kaa laanaa hai juu-e-shiir kaa

Ask not of my tolerance to the incessant solitude
Turning night into day is like unearthing a canal of milk
(referring to the tale of Shirin-Farhad)

jazbaa-e-be_iKhtiyaar-e-shauq dekhaa chaahiye
siinaa-e-shamshiir se baahar hai dam shamshiir kaa

You must see how uncontrollable is my desire
That causes my sword to unfurl from its sheath

aagahii daam-e-shuniidan jis qadar chaahe bichhaaye
muddaa anqaa hai apane aalam-e-taqariir kaa

No matter how widespread is the net of awareness
Mythical is the meaning of my style of expression

bas ke huu.N 'Ghalib' asiirii me.n bhii aatish zar-e-pa
muu-e-aatish_diidaa hai halqaa merii za.njiir kaa

Even bound, my feet are on fire, Ghalib
For the chains that bind me are but curls of singed hair.
Good quotes. I especially liked the Heinlein. Have you read any of his novels?

Not yet, any suggestions?
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hey samidy sam

i cant believ you like To the Manor Born, my mum and grandma like that show, it is aactualy quite funny but i havent seen it for ages!!!
Do you have children? If so what would you want to teach them (besides the usual and customary stuff)? What wisdom would you wish to impart upon them?