AAAAAA*hole is back


One Hissy Kitty
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The idiot with the aaaas in his name is back. What can be done about this? he or she is up to the old tricks. I have been asked to take action.
Okay, I just got done deleting a whole mess of this idiot's posts. I was wondering, however, how hard would it be to make an e-mail address a required field, but limit access to it from the profile strictly to the "Moderator del Grande", i.e., yourself? The option could be supplied to make it voluntary to give other users the ability to e-mail the poster, but a master list of all users would be in existence for troublemakers like this guy? He seems to enjoy hiding behind his unreachability. Just a suggestion.

Since the Chaos fiasco a few weeks back, I've made it mandatory for users to supply a valid (and unique) email when registering (there's a confirmation email sent to ensure validity). I've banned the user 'aaaa'. He will now be unable to re-register unless he gets a new email address.

There's a few messages of his left in Religious Debate. I tried clearing one out, and got an internal software error. So rather than tempting fate and messing up even more threads, perhaps you could remove the remaining threads since I'm having no luck with this evil software. thanks :)
Just to let you know...that AAAAAA pest is back the religious debate and the UFOs & the Paranormal section as well.