A Riddle


*As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives.
Each wife had seven sacks,
each sack had seven cats
each cat had seven kits.
Kits, cats, sacks and wives,

How many were going to St. Ives?

One. Only you. All of 7^x didn't meant to go there.*

Finally one I knew the answer to. (Cries real loud now...) :)

Oh well, don't know the answer on yours though. I'll study on it.

I'll be back... ;)
Cleopatra screams because she got nightmare. Her screams shocks Mark. He jumps and accidentaly rock a column of big fishbowl. The fishbowl falls and hits his head to the death


You're soooo close.

You are, however, making one tiny assumption that is leading you astray.
I will answer /yes/no/ questions for this puzzle.

About the nasty/nice villagers:

You ask the guy you meet 'which path would a person from the village you don't come from say is safe?'

If the man you've asked tells the truth, then he tells you truthfully what the liar would say. Which would be a lie.

If the man is a liar, he tells you the opposite of the truth, which is still a lie.

Either way if you do the opposite, you're safe.

Of course, I was the only one going there 'cause everyone else met me going the other way! Well done :)
Ismu, you could also ask him which village he came from,
The liar would point to the safe village and so would the verisimilic one. Just thought, thats all!
Yes Esp...

Of course... The answer is much more simple then I think all the time... Guess I better not think too much, haha. ;)

Riddle me this: Some people try to hide, some try to cheat,
but yet we always seem to meet.
Try as you might,
to guess my name,
I promise you'll know,
when you I do claim.
Who am I?

I bet you know the answer... :cool:

You see, I knew you would know the answer. ;)

Another one: Two bodies have I, though both joined in one,
the longer I stand the quicker I run.
What am I?

Well, what is it? You quick one, you...:)

No...Wrong answer! :D

How come? You really don't know? I don't buy it for a second. You are fooling me...:p
Mixed colours in a washing machine?
I really don't know!

Try this, I really liked it when I first heard it!

Cleopatra awakes in her bed and screams.
Mark Anthony is dead on the floor in a puddle of water surrounded by shards of glass.
How did he die?

You may ask questions, but I can only respond Yea or nay.
:) Not quite the version i know, but close enough probably to hazard a guess.

There is an open window no doubt? Through which probably came a cat, knocking the fishbowl to the floor, thus killing Marc Antony, the fish, who consequently died of 'suffocation'.

(The way i heard it first was that both Cleopatra and Marc Antony were dead because they were both fish).


*Pouts* and noone's even tried my suicidal sailor and the albatross soup!
Damn your sharp intelligent and yet pretty avatar!
Quite right.
<mumbles into boots>

Sailors and soups...
I thought that the sailor had seen the albatross and so had it killed because they are bad omens. He got his bad luck, which was all the food on the ship going off, so it's albatross soup all round.? It's very hard and we're just poor dumb avatars. :)

I fly with no wings,
have tail without feather or fur
have a spine not of bone
and am tied by wind to the air.

what am I?
Pure guess, that;s new. A kite?

(It;s the original artist's handdrawn portrait of Aeon Flux, a favourite other persona of mine) :)
'course it's a kite.
I didn't expect it to take too long, 'cause I made it up on da spot.

Three mouths sat in one mouth while two mouths were away.
Two mouths came back and fed three mouths but not one mouth.
Who or what are one mouth, two mouths and three mouths?
:D No to the soup so far. To save a few yes/no questions, the ship had been at sea a very long time, the albatross soup really was albatross soup and tasted exactly right.
*LOL* @ kite. It was you that understood my made up car one too, i think i -like- you! (thinking on your last)
...a sailor arrives in port, gets off his ship, and goes immediately to the nearest restaurant. Once there, he orders a bowl of Albatross Soup. After a few spoonfuls, he walks outside and throws himself in the sea, killing himself.

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Three mouths sat in one mouth while two mouths were away.
Two mouths came back and fed three mouths but not one mouth.
Who or what are one mouth, two mouths and three mouths?

Mother, father, baby?