A Poem Thread


Fantastic Plastic people
They are everywhere
They eat Plastic food
Stored in Plasticware
They listen to Plastic stuff
On the Plastic radio
Always having Platic fun
At the Plastic places they go

All hail plastic!
Is what they say
Plastic, Plastic, Plastic
All the live long day


___Life within cells of my perceived body
_____Perceived by a corporeal mind
_______heads "hurt"
_______brains "ache"
_______hearts yearn, wist for waters of spirit inspiring love.

___Analyze to death
_____No marriage between heart and head.
_____No kissing the cross
_____No glory be's
_______("Mindless Ritual").

___to love
_____not that of eating, sleeping, reproducing
___to care for others and oneself
___to ease the pain-filled burthen

___Holy Spirit
___Mist of breath
_____breathe in spirit
_______prayers rising to the altar of God


I love your "illegal" (or extra-legal, maybe?) poem. It is beautiful. The words are so rythmic--wonderful imagery!
Cool, I started the thread that now has lots of awesome poems in it. I especially like Pumpkins'. Here's another of mine.

Trend Setter

I've taken too many breaths,
sighed too many sighs.
I've seen too many sorrows,
lived too many lies.

I just want it all to end,
want a peace so serene.
I want my lies to end,
want a slate that's clean.

So comfort me with silence,
bless me with rest,
end this cold existance.
I think it's best

for me to breathe no more,
to never sigh again,
to end all of these lies
with one final sin.

So let the shot ring out,
let my death be heard.
Let the eyes begin to water
for all the tears that will be poured.

I will lead a new revolution.
I will start a whole new trend,
for all the sad and lonely children
to leap forth to their end.

Let it all end, let it all end...
thanks Angelus...

your's too is a fine example as ever a poem could be! :) :D

i am in a writing mood today...it's all misty and overcast here today, it's like the sun is trying to shine through a sheet of guaze .. & .no snow on the ground YET...i will walk down by the the quarries and sit on this one boulder-ish clump of limestone and write a bit.....

The beating butteryfly wings spawned the mighty hurricane:

An adage
sweet and delicious
describes how the smallest wind
may incrementally and exponentially combine
with larger forces until a great tempest is born.

true, great things have humble beginings
and are influenced by the smallest of its parts,
like atoms in a chain reaction.

Still a butterfly has no defense
against a hurricane.
Nor have we...
against nuclear and biolgical weapons.

It is better said that the "meek shall inherit the earth"
I haven't been in a happy mood recently. If my poems are beggining to depress you skip over this one, it's another downer. Though one of my more well written ones in my opinion.

To Merry

My love for you has brought me here,
to this cold place I know to fear.
Where heart and mind blur into one,
and exits are but by knife or gun.
My love for you, long unreturned
is all for which i now do yearn,
and life itself has gone hollow
when my heart I may not follow.
And though my hand may be weak
it knows the path that it must seek
to carry the blade into it's home
and finish, with blood, this final poem.

yep, i think that we poets tend to feel things just a bit more deeply than all others(no offense to non-poets) - that includes feeling sad, depressed, over-whelmed...what have you. funny thing, Angelus, i won't tell you to cheer up or snap out of it, because, too, we poets also seem to "snap out of it" in due time. we follow our instincts/intuition concerning these matters..it seems. writing poetry helps "figure" out our internal state-of-mind, if you will...and, it triggers a sort of catalyst to bring about the next emotion that is lurking below the "offending" /unwanted feeling. does that make sense...eh. dunno.
The inevitable decay of an untouched life
Collapsing on itself as the voids grow bigger
Hope replaced by acceptance
Acceptance replaced by action

From the stillness of my heart
Hatches my own demise

I look around me and see nothing
I look inside myself and feel empty
Who am I to keep the two apart?

Without a meaning to life there’s no reason to live
Without life there’s no reason for meaning
There is but one solution

The beginning was the end
And the end shall be the beginning
Everything in between was but tragic existance

(I was in a bad mood.....)
Words of Yesterday

Your words of yesterday still linger on my mind.
Feelings hurt, damage done. You were so unkind.
Will I never learn? I feel like such a fool.
All I did was care. All you were was cruel.

Since I call myself a poet:

To look at the world, and see

only pain and misery,

The Joy, the Hope,

all gone


millenia ago

When our fathers

gave up,

and surrendered

Their Hopes, Dreams


Their World

To Greed, Chaos

and Destruction,

and sacrificed


Their offspring

to a demonic,

bloodthirsty god

In the hopes

of acheiving

riches beyond

their wildest imaginings,

beyond all scope

of belief


Feeling the Feeling

Empty eyes, eyes a madman.
Empty soul, soul of a sad man.
Tears of pain, need to break free.
Need something else, need to find me.
Feeling let down, feeling nothing at all.
Feeling the feeling, free fall free fall.

The battles lost, victories far apart.
No perspective right from the start.
Faded stories like jeans in the wash.
All is not won, all had its cost.
Feeling let down, feeling nothing at all.
Feeling the feeling, free fall free fall.

A quake poem.

arrive in a map, created for killing
fight over flags, to slay we are willing
gather goods! go forth! increase your health.
gather your ammo, heighten your stealth.

the bodies strewn in electronic chaos
digital weapons yield point laden payoff
stereo groans of dying young soldiers
randomly spawn, another death bolder

rockets will launch and shrapnel will fly
ignore their warning and surely you die
lurk in the shadows, rail them in passing
light speed aluminum rending and slashing

digital death, so warm and embracing
so brief, so slight, so random in placing
rebirth! a life, so recently passed
onto the battlefield again shall ye pass

to kill, to death, to battling foe
revel in chaos, welcome it's glow
imagined reality apparently real
for 50 bucks it's almost a steal!
In The Dark

Sitting in the dark with nothing to do. Nothing is making sense as the world rushes by.
I am watching myself outside myself. Reality blurred. Dreams of metallic butterflies.
The colors fading into each other as the tears of pain blur the canvas of past and present.
A solitary candle flickers against the night as the wind gently blows hot and acrid.
Shadows caress the walls like slithering snakes reflecting our inner darkness.
My soul cries out silent screams for all that is not right. Lost in the chaos of it all.
Sitting in the dark with nothing to do. Nothing is making sense as the world rushes by.
I am watching myself outside myself. Reality blurred. Dreams of metallic butterflies.

-Love Song of Sigrid the Haughty-

Give your hand to me
Vow Eternal war in my arms by my side
Ever two in one we fight and die
Decimate the forces of the Nazarene

I am a warrior my pledge is never to repent
Our Will one in two our victory is sure
You fear not death I fear only dishonour
The Gods of our fathers shall be avenged

/Anti-Christian moot ATM.
Our favorite recipe

The recipe for war
To have a war,
you have to make a war.
The basic ingredients and recipe
is to arm your future enemy.

As the Military Industrial Complex excels
the only meaningful protest
comes from families
whose children come back in a bag.

During these times
wraping the MIC in a flag
is not enough.
So they wrap themselves in the bible.

They trade a God bless you
for your life
and justify the next war
by the weapons they just sold to Evilstan.
I Find Myself Wondering

I find myself wondering
Why no one understands
This mental state I carry
It’s not what I had planned

I wish things could be different
I wish I could find another way
I wish I could turn it all around
Hoping for some light in my dark day

I am tortured by my thoughts
Like a stalker, they hunt me down
On the brink of disaster all the time
I know my mind must not be sound

Locked up inside, my wings clipped
I am nothing more then a social misfit
A square peg in a world of round holes
Spinning end over end out of control

I find myself wondering
Why no one understands
This mental state I carry
It’s not what I had planned

Miss You

This feeling I have cuts down to the bone.
Keep looking out the window to see if you are home.
I reach out in the night to feel you lying next to me.
Looking for hope but all I find is misery.
I am withering from all that has come to pass.
I was so blind, what a complete and utter jackass.
I must move on, start over again.
Perhaps I should take up meditation instead of men.

the link

the link exists
yes it’s still there
no matter how hard i try to ignore.

the link exists
yes it’s still there
when will it break?

the link exists
yes it’s still there
the butterflies fly.

the link exists
yes it’s still there
my heart pounds.

the link exists
yes it’s still there
i now know how to break it.

the link exists
yes it’s still there
the key is within him.

the link exists
yes its still there
forged in laughter and in tear.

the link exists
yes its still there
one day soon i know it will disappear.

the link exists
yes it’s still there
i feel it still.

the link exists
for now
i quietly wait to morn its loss.