A Democratic Meritocracy

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A Democratic Meritocracy.

A Meritocracy, now there’s a word you don’t here very often.

To me a Democratic Meritocracy means a democratic way of life that is free of discrimination except for discrimination based on merit.

Is this a fair definition?

Is this the ideal that as a society we are striving for?

I was wondering if any one wanted to discus this issue?
No, I would consider Democratic Meriotacracy as an oxymoron. Democracy seems to strive for the good of the people and societies ability to be self suffiecient, meanwhile Meritocracy is individual achievments and abilities, based on basically individuals instead of the whole good of the society.

Anyways, while your definition is wrong, it is something we should strive for. Unfortunetly it is 100% impossible. Such aspects effecting ideas like Theoretical Communism and Pure Marketing effects this form of society as well. Greed, power, and love of the present state would dub this achievment impossible. We can make laws stricter, completely prohibiting any form of discrimination and racism, yet in the end people are going to receive these unfair actions since the difference between minorities and majorities is too big. You can't look past the fact that someone is black and someone else is white, or someone is hispanic and the other is Italian. You can accept this fact and continue living but such thoughts always linger in EVERYONE, and there is always going to be people who can't deal with these difference and from those people we get the unfair demonstrations we see today.

Therefore, we can strive for this society, which in the end will bring out better lifestyles for everyone, but basically, there is always going to be racism and discrimination no matter what you do since the races ARE different even if they are created equal.
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