A bottle of wine


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What better study? However just as you should beware what you wish for, you dont always get what you wish for (or study.) Its the climb!

Now without further ado:

As a bottle of wine is drunk, the liquid slowly passes the label. Should the bottle remain uncorked, or the lid left off, the same will happen as the alcohol evaporates.

Wine is known for its label: that is how it is selected and judged. But i am not a connoiseur. I am interested in what is on the label. Aside from the name, volume and percentage im sure allergy advice can be found, as it is on most things. If not, im sure it must be noted that it contains grapes, or sulphites. If the label is heeded the bottle of wine WILL NOT KILL YOU.

Should you be allergic to an ingredient, and drink, the wine will not reach or even pass the label. At the volumes and percentages of wines you are unlikely to die from this either.

Finally, as can be found on most current alcoholic beverages, "PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY."

Forestalling of NY's inebriation in full swing already? Yep, if forgetting even the first verse of Auld Lang Syne, check that the person with the DD badge is still hanging around. The group that a nephew on hubby's side was with suffered some medical consequences as the result of not noticing that their supposedly reliable stalwart had been compromised.