9/11 was an inside job

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. . . there would still be the question of how strong the material should be, and how strong the connections should be.
in my opinion the connections represent the largest unknown.
If it is too strong, it won't collapse, and there won't be anything to analyze. If it is too weak, like a "house of cards" type arrangement, then it can collapse, but the question arises as to whether that is a valid model of a building designed to remain standing through hurricane strength winds.
the only thing i can say is read (familiarize yourself with) the construction details of 1 & 2.

The first two minutes of this video discusses the difference between the Empire State Building and the WTC.

i am having problems with viewing certain you tube videos, yours seems to be one of them.
TWELVE YEARS after the event you don't even understand the fundamentals of the problem.
i disagree.
i believe the FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM is ascertaining how these butt joints played a role in all of this.

in my opinion the connections represent the largest unknown.

Unknown in what sense? The connections were only to keep the bearing plates aligned, all vertical forces were transmitted directly plate to plate(end to end in the case of core columns). For all intents and purposes the connections contributed ZERO strength, the energy required to break them was minute compared to the available energy of the events. Once that negligible amount of energy was applied to the connections and the plates(or ends)became unaligned then that steel(and all steel attached to it)contributed ZERO further resistance as it fell past it's formerly attached steel partners below.

i believe the FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM is ascertaining how these butt joints played a role in all of this.

It's already been ascertained, for all intents and purposes(as re collapse)those connections were the only resistance that needed to be overcome, thus near freefall collapse speed. Take a bunch of Jenga blocks and stack them end to end vertically. You can put quite a bit of weight on the top block and as long as they remain vertical and stacked it will continue to hold that weight. Tap the stack horizontally in the middle and the whole thing falls at freefall, you don't have to tap it very hard, the energy required is a small fraction of the weight(and potential energy)they will support. Every core column and perimeter frame member in the Towers was like that stack of blocks, very strong in the vertical, as built condition, a house of cards in the condition after frame failure and collapse initiation. And that was because of the weakness of the connections and the weakness of the floors and their connections to the inner and outer frames(which kept the frames vertical).

In addition, sagging floors actually pulled some columns out of vertical alignment(experiment: you have a ten foot, one hundred pound beam of wood, you and your buddy can easily lift that beam to shoulder level. Now try the same thing with a one hundred pound 10 foot length of chain. You and your buddy will likely not succeed in even getting that chain free from the ground, no matter how hard you pull on the ends, the force needed to lift ALL of it to shoulder height is in the tens of thousands of pounds of pull). As long as the floors were stiff and horizontal they transferred their load vertically to the frames, once they sagged(due to heat)they exerted a huge pulling force on those frames, providing almost enough force to break those connections in those frame members.



Unknown in what sense?
quality, type, and workmanship.
the strength of the material itself isn't in question.
For all intents and purposes the connections contributed ZERO strength, the energy required to break them was minute compared to the available energy of the events.
exactly, and this didn't only happen at the collapse.
some of these connections broke loose in ADVANCE of the collapse and this is where psiky is making his error in assuming an intact structure below the collapse.
No... what you are doing is necromancing old threads to post links to what appears to be a personal blog...
probably the americans whom slandered Bill & Hillary and then apparently Obama into a picture with cocaine and whatever other physiopsychmetric gambo may be realative to the network that created the so called 9/11 disaster. I wouldn't only set the matter on americans, yet considering disasters /in this country like columbine and texas 'at our schools with ?set up of young people...., and other notions of terror and disaster:::continuing to blame only exterior to our country is an idiocracy. crime/ and terrorism isn't a country, nations fault,seems it may be it is often network stuff. look at the media industry & their "so called "power.....hmmmmmmmmm.......hm
The proof that the US government did it is crushing.

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People who still believe the official story should check this info out.

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People who promote the no-plane theory or the mini-nuke theory are government plants trying to discredit the truth movement. Real truthers don't believe in those theories.

provocateurs,shills and disinfo agents

(7:20 time mark)

I think the main reason that people in the academic community don't question the official story is that it would be career suicide for them to do that. They may be fired from their positions and that means losing their retirement pensions too.

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