9/11 Thread no. 2

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That is indeed the demonstration I was looking for, although I disagree with your assessment of it. It can be seen in video at around 6:45 here:

Scott, you are indeed lost in your own fantasy here.

Do you want to know why you can not compare something light enough to be held up by a human hand to that of something 100,000 pounds? Scale and kinetic energy.

Here's an experiment for you:

1) Take your car and drive it 40 mph into a brick wall
2) Repeat the same experiment at 40mph with a toy car
3) Compare damage between the two cars.

One more time for emphasis

The whole 9/11 conspiracies that Scott, Psyky and Tony have been throwing around could be construde as Treason since their suggestions tend to implicate their government in mass murder of their own people and a coverup. The reason they probably haven't been pulled in on it is because they'd use the argument "The governments trying to suppress the truth" if they were to be brought in. So there they sit, conspiring, waving their rights to Freespeech in peoples faces.

It can be identified that they don't care anything about the truth, because if they did they wouldn't start with the conspiracy of there being bombs. They would start with investigation into the aircrafts, into how they were hijacked, into how they were flown into the buildings (Which I'm sure you've seen the blackbox outputs)

Since their Obsession has blinded them, it means that there is no discussion, just rhetoric like some sort of new age cult. For this reason I am shutting the thread down for the last time. I thank those that did try to seriously entertain their theories and try to dig around for information on things that to be honest aren't even worth looking at.

The 9/11 Conspiracy will no longer be discussed on this forum unless there is some startling new development, which doesn't come from a Truther but from the Government or Press representatives in regards to leaked information. Until that time, please vacate this forum if thats all you've got to talk about.
Not open for further replies.