20Q: Round 5


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Twenty Questions is a spoken parlor game (or car game) which encourages deductive reasoning and creativity.
Original idea by StrangerInAStrangeLa.

The rules
1. The player that won the previous round is the answerer in this round.
2. That person has chosen a subject and does not reveal this to the others.
3. All other players are questioners.
4. Questions must be asked in such a fashion that they can be answered with "Yes" or "No". "I don't know" is of course also a valid answer if the answerer doesn't know the answer.
5. Lying is not allowed, as it would ruin the game.
6. If a questioner guesses the correct answer, that questioner wins and becomes the answerer for the next round.
7. If 20 questions are asked without a correct guess, then the answerer has stumped the questioners and gets to be the answerer for another round.
8. Only 1 question per person per 5 questions asked is allowed.
9. When the answerer answers a question, the person who asked that question can take 1 guess.
10. If less than 5 questions have been asked in 24 hours time from the moment you asked your question (so that's including your previous question), you can ask a question again irregardless of the fact that it would contradict rule 8.

I will try to keep a record, but feel free to do so as well.

Rules for simpletons below. (by suggestion of Enmos)

Step 1 - Ask a question ABOUT the subject.
Step 2 - Wait until your question has been answered.
Step 3 - Take a guess as to what the subject in question is.
Step 4 - Wait until at least 4 other people have asked a question, or until 24 hours have passed since your last question (whichever comes first).
Step 5 - Goto Step 1.

Ask away!
<record goes here>

1. Enmos (12:47 am)
Q: It is not Alive.
G: It is not a watch.

2. Lori_7 (12:51 am)
Q: It could be used as a tool, but it probably wouldn't make a very useful one.
G: It is not a coin.

3. Inzomnia (12:56 am)
Q: It is homogeneously solid (without liquid or gas)
G: It's not a mirror.

4: Challenger78
Q: It is not mass produced at this time.
G: It can be made to be superconductive, but it is not normally a superconductor.

5: cluelusshusbund (1:53 am)
Q: It is not bigger than a basketball.
G: It's not a fork.

6: Enmos (3:28 am)
Q: It is not an everyday object.
G: It is not a bar of gold.

7: lixluke (12:13 pm)
Q: It contains carbon.

8: clulusshusband
Q: It is not a diamond.

9: Challenger78 (9:26 pm)
Q: I don't think it's effected by the photoelectric effect, but I'm not sure.
G: It's not a watch battery.

10: Inzomnia (9:39 pm)
Q: It is not spiral
G: It's not a pen ring.

11: Enmos
Q: It is smaller than a golf ball.
G: It is similar to but is not a nanotube.

12: Lori_7 (10:40 pm)
Q: It's not a toy.
G: It's not a magnet.

Winner: lixluke

The answer is: Bucky ball/Fullerene/buckminsterfullerene/C60
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