2 proofs of telekenesis.

Okay, lets say my friend was lying to me. That's 1 out of 2 down, but still you can't explain how I made the painting fall, or a host of other things I didn't mention that were magical in nature also.
I know what I am about to say sounds like trolling. I know it sounds like trolling, but it is the honest truth. I know it sounds funny but so does George Carlin. George Carlin is funny, but sometimes the honest truth is funny. So, if you don't believe me, I won't get mad, but please try to be nice in the comments, no rude flaming please.

1st proof of telekenesis:
I wanted to learn psychic power so I set up a piece of toast, a paper clip (bent into a straight-"ish" line) and a paper pinwheel. Tried to focus my mind. I made it move but barely. I had doubt in my mind, wasn't sure if it was me breathing or moving into the pinwheel, because I noticed when I walked about 5 mph the pinwheel would move. So I tried to do it again, moving it with my mind barely, but wasn't sure. This was indoors with the windows closed, no wind.

I was doubtful. I thought, maybe it was not my mind, but the wind of me moving into the kitchen, or me breathing. So I was not sure the psychic powers were true. So my friend came home, and I asked them if they could do the psychic powers, and they said sure. They tried to do it at first and failed, said they had to concentrate. Then all of a sudden the pinwheel started spinning extremely rapidly for a moment, at least 2 seconds or 3 seconds. The pinwheel was spinning extremely fast almost like it was propelled by a motor. I could not believe my eyes. I said there had to be a trick of some kind they did, like breathing onto it on purpose or something. They swore to me they didn't, and when I looked at them, I didn't notice their nose breathing on to it or anything. And the way it moved didn't look like from breathing motion.

To this day, I continuously interrogate them constantly about it, because I still cannot believe my own eyes. And they keep swearing to me it is the truth.

2nd proof of telekenesis.
I was extremely in rage and unhappy, sitting alone in a computer lab. I hated the world and I hated how alone I was an how other people had love and I didn't. About 20 or 30 feet away on another floor of the building, was an art piece about love. My rage was silent, I was not yelling, not moving, just brooding and staring at that stupid art piece. I was not stomping the ground or anything. My rage was so much it was borderline tittinus almost. And then next thing you know, the art piece just fell to the ground.

Again if u don't believe me I wont get mad. Type of stuff that makes me mad is being insulted and stuff, so if you disbelieve its fine, long as you dont ad hom or get rude about it.

Also I wasn't sure what forum to post this in, I was about to post this in the ghost and monsters, but thought it had more to do with paranormal psychology.

believe your own eyes
From GameLord Post 18
U calling me a liar?
From my Post 17
I still vote for hallucinations, delusions, and/or lies, with lies being the most likely.
My Post 10 admits the possibility of hallucinations or delusions, although it mentions lying as most likely.

As remarked in my Post 10
An electroencephalogram puts sensors directly on a person’s head & amplifies the signals.

Those who claim telekinesis ability report causing physical action at a distance. The brain wave detection of an electroencephalogram does not detect any signal strength sufficient to case such action.

I do not believe Brain activity can be detected from a distance of inches & am certain that it cannot be detected at a distance of 2-3 feet.

If brain activity cannot be detected at the distances claimed by folks in this Thread, how believable are those claims?
GameLord Post 18 suggests the possibility of a duel. As the challenged party, I opt for custard pies at 5 paces if we ever meet for a duel.