1001 Things to do Before You Die...

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736. Hold a pissing contest with a geyser.
737. Hold a how much you can eat contest with fire
738. fill a bucket with a hole in it
741. Get up to 20 fucking posts so you can post links and pictures and find out what the fuck animal was in the field across from your friend's sister's boyfriend's house.
62. Learn and do often-aggresive driving eg. over 170 with stunts
63. Make a real difference in a human's life
64. Make the humans on this world more enviromentally friendly/self sufficient/more satisfied with a simple life

what ever # do #63 to all of the enhabitants of the planet or outer space
683. Go Blonde.
684. Be in two places at once.
685. Swim with sharks.
686. Learn sign language.
687. Win the lottery.
688. Buy a country with said lottery money.
689. Solve a Rubix Cube.
690. When you realize you can't solve the Rubix cube, throw it to the sharks.
691. Live in a house with hidden rooms and secret passageways.
692. Swim in the Dead Sea.
693. Break a world record.
694. Convince someone to go bald.
695. Fill my iPod to capacity with songs.
696. Fall in love.
697. Buy a useless electrical appliance.
698. Make cookies.
699. Make love.
700. Dance in the rain.
701. Ask to see the menu when ordering pizza over the phone.
702. Karaoke in Japan.
703. Egg a house.
704. Go on a roadtrip with no particular destination.
705. Break a bone.
706. Find an item of clothing that you would never wear in public, then wear it in public.
707. Smash something.
708. Show up at the airport with a bag and a passport and take the first flight avaiable.
709. Convince someone in joining you in creating a concrete angel (dry concrete).
710. Start your own holiday. Eg. Happy Aluminum Underpants Day!

691. Live in a house with hidden rooms and secret passageways.
that's my dream house
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