$100 Dollars for Circuit Design!

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I am an all around conceptual inventor, understanding basic flows of electricity and engineering. My latest invention goes beyond my own knowledge by a small amount. Once I get the business started I will pay $100 to the person who designs this intermediate circuit to the best configuration! (via Paypal)

Here goes:
RGB LED lights have 4 wires coming off them. If you mix the colors you can produce 6 hues with one light!

The question is this:

What parts would be needed, and how would they be arranged to: Make a light which flashes: Green, Turquoise (mix), Blue, Violet (mix), Red, Amber (mix) and then back to Green again.

And finally, it should have a speed control nob. From maybe say, a 5 second wait time before color change up to such a speed that it may seam that all the lights on the RGB have been left on in a super fast flash.


(PS Please go to Ebay with your account and make an Item Called "RGB STROBE CIRCUIT DESIGN" Specify that you will design my circuit, with a buy it now option, and that I can pay within 1 to 2 months, I have 100% good feedback with my account! So you WILL get the money you require! )
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