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Discussion in 'About the Members' started by Zakariya04, May 23, 2007.

  1. Zakariya04 and it was Valued Senior Member

    Dam am i annoyed.

    Today i got some shit news that i missed out on a nice contract worth approximately £50k

    apparently my service price was a little higher than some other companies.

    Bugger knows how that was saying for this particular service i gave this client a 20% lower cost then what was I would have quoted in 2003.

    And then you have buggers like UPS (i know different sector to me) who charge high rates and take 48 hours for a sales person to call from your inital enquiry.

    Dam am i fucked off.

    I wwas quite on track to getting the turnover of the company to or over £1m which will be our highest turnover since the company started in 2003.

    Bullocks to it.

    i am going to go off and sulk now.

    i will see you guys tomorrow, as i am klikely to fly off the handle, as i dont like being beaten espically on price!!!

    Thanks for listening chaps and chapesses


    take it ez

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  3. Creative Fossil Banned Banned

    Zak this situation is salvageable

    See if you can find out WHO did win the contract

    Then find out in what way your service outstrips theirs and then get back to the dudes and tell them why going with you makes sense in the long term based on your advantages over the competition. Offer them a good will gesture of a further 5% but that is your bottom line and see if they bite.

    There will always be someone who can do it cheaper - say these exact words to the client. But point out not every one can deliver on promises and one way to ensure poor delivery is to not meet your costs properly with the client.

    It is never too late!
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  5. darksidZz Valued Senior Member

    Do not listen to ToR, she is evil and would not pay attention to me when she left

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    I am brighter than her an I say to move on, go to another thing... incidently what company? What are you talkin about? I will come work there if you like, just pay like 14 an hour :C~
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  7. Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Interesting, Zak. But maybe you'll feel a little better if I tell you that one of my own "missed" bids later resulted in getting several other contracts worth much more. The original client told the others that he was unhappy with his contractor, and recommended me to them all.

    I finished the work and retired ...never to work again as long as I live!!

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    Baron Max
  8. Zakariya04 and it was Valued Senior Member

    Hi TOR,

    I hope all is well with you.

    Thank you for your input

    When i heard this news by email, i picked up the phone to talk to the lady (purchasing dept of PepsiCo). I asked her for some feedback she came out with the usually shite, but said i was pipped on price, and that the person in their marketing dept (who's campaign it was) wanted to use the other company cos she had used them before. She would not tell me who they gave the contract too. Also their is no way i can get this work now, as they have told the toher company apparently

    Oh well you win some you loose some.

    Anyway TOR, you have a cat dont you? Does he/she it Go-Cat??


    thank you for your input but TOR is not evil, and dopnt worry i am moving on and am putting together proposals for 2 other contracts/projects.

    Hi Maximus

    Thats really great to hear, perhaps one day i will retire, all depends how the shit goes down.

    Its naturally annoying when i miss out on contracts espically when at the moment i am trying to get quotes in from Transport companies (Carriers) worth approximately £800k to £1.5m in the first year to over £5m per year by year 3. they dont seem that interested and give me ridiculously high rates per consignment.

    Here is my conversation with the guy from TNT

    TNT guy: "we cant quote on your 100,000 consignments going to Europe untill we have the post/zip codes."
    how i am meant to give him this when the webshop has not got the orders yet is beyond me - its a webshop for friggin nestle for fucksack so when it goes live it will have orders.
    Me: "how can i then quote to my client if you cant give me the prices untill i give you the addresses, we are talking about 100,000 consignments for the first year going to western europe"

    TNT guy: "you should look at the rate card i gave you when i last came to see you"
    . And chceck this out i said to him

    me: "oh i cant find your rate card, could you email it over or something"

    TNT guy: "well i did give it to you last time i came to see you"
    instead of the above i was expecting, ok no problem i will email it to you asap.
    me: "oh ok i will have a look through myh files"
    TNT guy; "yeah you look through your files mate"

    On the rate card it is like £18.00 per consignement now do the maths 100,000 @ £18.00 = 1.6m and thats only for the first year.

    nestle predict at least 300,000 orders for year 2 and over half a million orders folr year 3

    DHL and UPS are no better either with thier attitude.

    The customer service in England is absolutely terrible, its not just these carriers. i currently have issues with 5 suppliers.

    I would love to retire soon, but its kind of hard, how much money would you need to retire and live a reasonable life?
    Take it ez

  9. Creative Fossil Banned Banned

    Hi Zak

    My cats generally a Felix moggy, but he's eating real tuna/pilchards and Tesco's own brand presently.

    Back to the business thing

    I would send some sort of written message to the man who does the deals to say you hope you can do business in the future

    Reason being, sometimes people who know people cut other people out the pic without the real people who sign the cheque being any the wiser. You get me? In other words, back handers etc. I have known this many times before.

    So to rule this out, won't hurt to get it formally confirmed.

    I had an estate agent lose me a buyer once, the agent told the buyer I wasn't interested in her slightly lower bid. The buyer decided to write to me personally, which I am so glad she did as I accepted her offer and never wanted to lose her in the first place, but the agent very nearly cost me the sale. The agent told me they'd pulled out, she NEVER said anything about offers etc. It was all very odd.
  10. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    TOR, in business it's not all backhanders and backstabbing. It can be as simple as another company has a professional history that can be traced through company house over Zak's business en devours.

    You'll have to forgive me Zak I don't know all the fine details of your company and it's history. Courier firms will usually require a Postcode for the country in which items are being despatched in case they need to return the goods to base. Namely if there is a defect in the produce or something wasn't ordered it's enough to stop someone signing at the delivery point which will cause a return, courier firms will not want to be lumbered with produce if theres no one to deliver it too.

    TOR is however right about finding out information, however it's not so much for trying to get that job you lost out on but more for market research.
  11. Zakariya04 and it was Valued Senior Member

    HI Tor,

    thank you for your feedback.

    You should buy some Go-cat as they are offering a Cat play-gym for only £4.99, which my company is handling on behalf of Nestle Purina Petcare.

    Well with the business side of things, if it is the company who i think it is who have got the work, unfortunately she woont confirm it. But abnyway if it is them then bugger bknows how they have beaten me on price, as my prices were about 50% lower than theirs 4 years ago!! My contact in Purhcasing at PepsiCo will all we keep me in mind for future jobs, as in her words we provided such an excellent service for the "WalkEars" promotion.

    Any way TOR, promotions to look out for:

    Go-Cat - Play gyms
    Kitkat - Simpsons promotion
    Mars/Snickers/Tiwx - die hard 4 Promotion
    Kit-kat - Lucky7
    Gourmet - Free meal promotion
    and so on and so forth..

    All the on-pack offers you see with an Uckfield address will be handled by my company.

    hello Stryder,

    thank you also for your input.

    yes its not all about back handers but i have been insituation where i have known my price was competitive amnd had a history with a company but still i did not get the job.

    As far as the courier companies are concerned when i am saying io have an estimated 50-70k consignements going to Germany for example, but i dont know the postcodes becuase the orders are comijng via a webshop- then how am i meant to get the post codes. with this job inparticular the transport / courier service which i of-course will have to sub contract to a courier firm is actuall about 10 x more than my own service fees. Surely over 1m worth of sales per year should get them slightly interested. but no.

    Consumer service is terrible in the Uk just terrible.

    Either company are to busyor they cant be arsed which is not great for competition and market forces.

    when you deal with the likes of PepsiCO it is hard to extract info, i have all i can get barring knowing who the company is who is doing that work i lost out on. But as it is an on-pack offer i will know for sure when the packs are distributed into market.

    TOR can then help, and you can too stryder if you live in the UK, find out their service levels.

    And TOR, on the misses front, i actually left the office early yesterday, just after i made this thread, but unfortunately she had a hard time with the kids, and guess who copped it!!!

    take it ez

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